What to do with Cremation Ashes

What to do with cremation ashes if your loved one or pet has passed away and has been cremated. Please note, this contains *trigger warning* references to baby death and may be upsetting. Some people scatter the ashes, some choose to keep them at home, and others might be looking for a way to wear their loved one close or do something special with them. What to do with cremation ashes is something we often talk about with our customers because we only need a pinch per piece so there’s always a lot left.

What to do with Cremation Ashes – The Basics

To learn more about the cremation process and watch a tasteful video please click here (please note that the video shows the deceased and may be triggering for some). A human adult will usually equate to a shoe box size amount of ashes, a horse will be a large carrier bag, small pets can be a few teaspoons. Some are too small for there to be enough ashes to keep, so sometimes people like to put a small white feather or a forget me not flower in jewellery to represent them.

1. A cremation ash ring perhaps with an engraved memorial message or your loved one’s natural birthstone

Engraved brushed band cremation ash ring with unicorn white sparkle mix. Engraved inside in Arial font and hearts. Handmade solid sterling silver memorial ring
Engraved brushed band cremation ash ring with unicorn white sparkle mix

2. Include them in an eco friendly marine reef for an environmentally friendly option for anyone wondering what to do with cremation ashes

3. Cremation Ink tattooing where the ashes are finely ground and added to ink. This studio is based in Cheshire, UK but there are artists around the world offering the service. You can ask for vegan-friendly tattoo ink for a

Cremation Ink tattooing
Cremation Ink tattooing

4. Woodland Burial which is a secular and multi-faith burial site in Bristol, UK and there are similar all around the world where you can bury their ashes.

5. Planting Cremation Ashes is a very sustainable option but because of the high PH and sodium levels, the ashes need to be treated first

6. Eco Urns like the Bios Urn

7. Mystery Piece memorial jewellery is a budget option for wearable resin and mostly EcoSilver jewellery

cremation ash charm with orchid purple resin sparkle mix, genuine diamond powder April birthstone. Solid sterling silver Tree of Opals signature core (925 stamped on the back). Watermarked copyright Tree of Opals memorial jewellery image
cremation ash charm with orchid purple – mystery piece option

8. Ash drawings by Icons in Ash

Cremation ash art work
Cremation ash art work

9. Teddy bear urns like these ones

teddy bear urn
teddy bear urn

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