Our Keepsake Jewellery In The News

We are lucky here at Tree of Opals as we have had our keepsake jewellery in the news a number of times over the past few years.

Influencer Meg Mills from Lez.Go.Traveling

The unfortunately titled article in July 2017’s Chat Summer Special magazine:

The South Wales Argus printed the story of our donation of 14 piece memorial jewellery family order worth over £900 to family who lost their daughter Sarah to her battle with mental illness whose family home then burnt down in a tragic fire days before her funeral

Rachel Price with some of the pro bono keepsake jewellery from Tree of Opals

This ITV News report on 18th October 2016 at 4:12pm showed a segment of owner Nic Kamminga explaining about all of our keepsake jewellery items like breastmilk jewellery, cremation ash jewellery, cat fur and ashes in charms and necklaces, ashes in copper and silver clay charms.  Ellie and Nic talk about everything from the secretive nature of breastmilk preservation to *trigger* pro bono baby loss jewellery including our early miscarriage memorials

This bracelet is made up of cat's fur, breast milk and an umbilical cord ITV news jewellery
This bracelet is made up of cat’s fur, breast milk and an umbilical cord

Nic was interviewed live on BBC Radio Scotland (which has almost a million listeners!) on 10th August 2017 by Louise White for the Kaye Adams Programme, a feature about DNA keepsake and memorial jewellery.  The clip is no longer available and the BBC preferred us not to copy the interview but it was a lot of fun to answer questions.

In _ 2016 The MirrorThe Mail and The Express covered the story of our breastmilk jewellery in a lighthearted manner following a beautiful article from journalist 
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