Breastmilk Jewellery in South Wales

Breastmilk Jewellery in South Wales is for anyone wanting a way to remember their little one’s breastfeeding journey. I grew up in Monmouth and I began making breastmilk and memorial jewellery in 2015. I started off offering necklaces with locks of hair and had several clients ask me to work with their breastmilk and their babies’ first curls, hair, placenta and umbilical cord (as well as memorial pieces). Within a few weeks I was getting recommendations and was asked to create my first order with breast milk jewelry.

classic engraved breastmilk bead with solid sterling silver blank bead core. Breastmilk jewelry baby and birthing keepsake, this very special bead was made for Christmas. Breastfed with love engraving with heart emojis
classic engraved breastmilk bead with solid sterling silver blank bead core

Umbilical Cord, Hair and Breastmilk Jewellery
Working with customers to try and create pieces they wanted gave me a real sense of purpose. Back in those days there were no YouTube tutorials on working with milk, cord and hair, so I watched resin tutorials for hours a day learning techniques for adding glitter. Along with the glitters, mica powders and opalescent flakes it was a bit of a challenge but I taught myself to preserve breastmilk with trial and error.

In 2016 we moved back to Monmouth in South Wales. I had one of the small craft units in Bridges Community Centre and customers would bring cremation ashes, locks of hair and fur as well as breastmilk and umbilical cord pieces. After a while we bought a new house in Bristol and I worked from home again. During that time I started making YouTube tutorials teaching others how to make breastmilk and keepsake jewellery and started a second business selling all the supplies anyone could ever need to make the pieces themselves. I sell anything from a little DIY kit to make a breastmilk and first curl bead all the way up to business start-up kits costing thousands.

Umbilical Cord Earrings umbilical cord teardrop breastmilk earrings side. Resin teardrop setting made by hand, subtle pearlescent sparkle mix on top. Made from solid sterling silver. Birth and breastfeeding keepsake jewelry
umbilical cord teardrop breastmilk earrings

My new business, Keepsaker Supplies, quickly overtook Tree of Opals and I began spending more time making tutorials and moulds, ring settings and little kits. Then in 2021 I ran out of room and decided to move back to Wales to be nearer to my mum. I found it really hard finding the right space for my two businesses because most of the shops were too big. I found a perfect little shop in Pillgwenlly but at first they didn’t want to rent it to me. “If you’re making jewellery, you’ll get broken into immediately!” and I was heartbroken. A week later I called back the estate agent and begged for his help finding something. I told him that I don’t keep jewellery on display and that all of my clients are by appointment only. He reconsidered and said he’d show me the original shop I was interested in.

Breastmilk Jewellery in South Wales

A month later I had the keys in my hand and hired a van to empty the workshop in Bristol. Moving my keepsake jewellery business back to South Wales was the best thing I’ve ever done. Six months of commuting over from the house, we finally moved over to Newport as a family too. The local orders have started growing and now I have people coming from all over South Wales, the Forest of Dean and the South West to my studio for me to make their jewellery.

Now, in 2024 I’m a happy single mum to my three little girls and I’m selling my house to downsize but I’ll definitely be staying near Newport or Cardiff for the breastmilk jewellery shop in Newport. I drop my daughters off at school each morning and head on into the shop with my tea and coffee travel mugs. Visitors are always welcome but please check I’m not working from home that day by WhatsApp on +447577575017 or pop us a message on our Facebook page here.

Covering Newport, Cardiff, Abergavenny, Monmouth and beyond. Appointments available to drop off your breastmilk here in Pillgwenlly or Maindee


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