Wedding Jewellery Newport

Wedding Jewellery Newport: Creating Wedding Memories from Enduring Keepsakes

Newport is a bustling city in South Wales. With its captivating coastlines and rich history, South Wales a sought-after destination for weddings. Beyond the charm of the setting, however, couples seeking a truly special way to commemorate their vows can find a unique selection of keepsake and memorial jewellery from Newport’s skilled jeweller Nikki Lovegrove at Tree of Opals.

Keepsakes: A Last Physical Connection on Your Special Day

For couples seeking a lasting connection to their loved ones on their wedding day, Nikki offers a variety of options for transforming cherished inclusions into enduring keepsakes. There will almost always be a family member or pet who is no longer with you, who you’d do anything to have with you on the day. But memorial jewellery offers you a way to bring them still.

white hair bead with forget me not and purple. Medium bead setting for keepsake jewellery, blank bead core engraved, A+B solid sterling silver setting. Arial font and orchid purple resin sparkle mix. The hair has no pigment so is see-through in resin
white hair bead with forget me not


Memorial Jewellery: Honouring Your Loved Ones

Life brings moments of both joy and sorrow. Tree of Opals offer a sensitive approach to creating memorial jewellery that allows you to keep cherished memories close:

  • A Comforting Presence: Nikki can incorporate a small piece of cremated ashes, hair or fur into a necklace, ring, or bracelet charm.  We also offer men’s jewellery like cufflinks and tie pins, or solid silver keyrings. This provides a comforting way to carry a part of your loved one with you, a subtle reminder of their presence in your life.
  • Messages of Love: We can engrave rings, necklaces and even beads with memorial quotes
  • Enduring Familiarity: A fingerprint, pawprint or handprint engraved on a necklace or cufflink offers a deeply personal connection to a person or pet.
  • Handwriting: We can also engrave your loved one’s handwriting on most of our jewellery too. This delicate tribute provides a comforting touch throughout your day.
  • Symbolic Tributes: Sometimes, a minimalist approach resonates most deeply. A piece featuring a forget me not, an angel wing, a heart, or their birthstone can represent your loved one in a beautiful way, keeping their memory close to your heart.

    Handwriting and Image Engraving purple hair ring handwriting, lock of hair ring on 6mm shiny band with handwriting engraving on the inside. Orchid purple resin sparkle mix
    oval lock of hair ring

Finding the Right Keepsake Jeweller for your Wedding

The creation of keepsake and memorial jewellery is a delicate process. When selecting a memorial jeweller, consider these key factors:

  • Experience Matters: Seek a jeweller with a proven track record in crafting these special pieces. Their experience ensures your cherished memories are handled with the utmost care and respect. Nikki has been teaching people to make keepsake jewellery since 2015.
  • Customisation is Important: Discuss your vision for personalisation with the jeweller. This may involve specific engraved or stamped inscriptions, unique designs, or the incorporation of multiple sentimental elements. The keepsake jeweller should be adept at translating your wishes into a piece that resonates with you and is built to last long past your special day.
  • Style that Endures: Choose a precious metal and design that complements your personal style and embodies the sentiment behind the piece. Solid silver offer practical options for everyday wear whilst being affordable, whilst hallmarked 9ct, 14ct and 18ct solid gold provide timeless elegance. Ultimately, the piece should reflect your taste and be one you cherish wearing.

    Solid Gold Hannah Ashes Ring solid gold Hannah ashes ring with purple sparkles. 9ct yellow gold hallmarked, also available in rose gold and 18ct gold. Cast in Scotland and finished in Wales, hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office. Keepsake memorial rings with 9k real gold cremation ashes ring with orchid purple resin sparkle mix, cremains ring. Image mockup
    solid gold Hannah ashes ring

A Legacy of Love, More Than Just Adornment

These are not simply pieces of jewellery; they are keepsakes and memorials that become a physical link to cherished memories and your loved one. They can become treasured family heirlooms, passed down through generations, carrying stories of love and remembrance. Imagine your grandchildren one day asking about a bead you wear constantly on your Pandora bracelet. It becomes an opportunity to share your love story and ensure those special moments live on.

So, delve into the world of one of the world’s most talented keepsake jewellers and discover the perfect memorial piece. It will be a constant reminder of the memories that truly matter; a little spark of magic adorning your finger, wrist, or neck.

After your big day you can even choose an additional piece to add to your ring stack or charm bracelet

  • Repurposed Elegance: Transform a fragment of your wedding dress lace into a delicate pendant or earrings, breathing new life into a treasured memento. Skilled jewelers can also incorporate fabric swatches from your gown into stunning pieces that evoke cherished memories.
  • Personalized Touches: Elevate your wedding bands with a touch of intimacy. Discreet engraving with your wedding date, a special inside joke, or even a tiny fingerprint adds a deeply personal dimension to these timeless symbols of your bond.
  • Sentimental Treasures: Don’t let cherished mementos like a lock of hair from your spouse or a preserved flower from your bouquet fade from view. Skilled jewelers can incorporate these elements into a locket or a charm bracelet, creating a tangible reminder of your special day.
    flower charm bead with solid silver Tree of Opals core
    flower charm bead with solid silver Tree of Opals core

    wedding dress charm bead with petal charm Tree of Opals Pandora bracelet core
    wedding dress charm bead with petal charm

As a wedding jewellery client we can offer a 50% discount on any solid silver wedding memory jewellery above, please message us at any point to discuss!

My YouTube Tutorials

If you are of the “how hard can it be?” culture (like Nikki herself!) and you’d rather make your own memorial jewellery, we have a sister website . We are happy to talk you through making something for yourself, your spouse to be or even several pieces to offer during the service. DIY memorial jewellery is an affordable option but also gives you an even greater connection to the pieces. You could even come and create your ring from scratch with our Memorial Ring Day Course for Wedding Jewellery Newport.


wedding jewellery Newport - image shows cremation ashes ring mockup with solid gold and pink resin

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