Boobie Awards

Boobie awards reflect just how wonderful you are for making a fantastic choice for your baby or child! They’re also called Breastfeeding Milestone Awards, Nursiversaries and Boobiversaries and they’re all to celebrate your nursing journey. Breast milk (also known as human milk and chestmilk) is amazing stuff, and there are so many benefits to nursing a baby and giving them human milk, in whatever form that takes for your family. We have been producing milk since the dawn of humanity, and yet we are only just starting to discover how incredible human milk is. It has recently been discovered that when your child feeds, your body adapts the milk to their needs. Breastmilk is tailor made for our little bundles of joy, and our incredible growing little people and is by far the best start we can give them in life.

charm trio breastmilk copper silver gold leaf boobie awards two keepsake charms with solid sterling silver Tree of Opals signature cores
charm trio breastmilk copper silver gold leaf boobie awards two keepsake charms with solid sterling silver Tree of Opals signature cores

If you chose to breastfeed your little one, even if only for the first precious days, you’re already pretty amazing right? Yes, and that’s why we are promoting our Breastfeeding Milestone Awards. It’s not to put down others who might not have fed this way but to celebrate those who have managed. To quote Diana West, we define our own success when it comes to feeding our children so we are celebrating the mum who breastfed her one year old until her boyfriend told her to stop, the chestfeeding trans daddy who feeds his newborn formula through a supply-line, or the mama who pumps breastmilk at her desk for her kid to have at nursery, and every family in between.

Boobie awards, are there to help those of us who’ve had a really tough time breastfeeding to acknowledge how hard they’ve worked to get so far with nursing, EP (exclusive pumping) or using donor milk. An awesome blog by Carly Gelsinger explains the “necessity” of a present as you reach each goal, which we’ve added to based on a bit of research. When we first wrote this booby awards list we went up to five years but after many people asking, we’ve gone up to eight and added some extras along the way. Each are precious metals or stones that can be added to jewellery

Boobie Awards

amethyst I tried my absolute hardest
copper three month breastfeeding award
silver six month breastfeeding award
jade nine month breastfeeding award
gold twelve month/one year breastfeeding award
platinum eighteen months/one and a half year breastfeeding award
diamond two year breastfeeding award
amber thirty months/two and a half year breastfeeding award
ruby three year breastfeeding award
tanzanite four year breastfeeding award
opal five year breastfeeding award
sapphire six year breastfeeding award
palladium seven year breastfeeding award
rhodochrosite eight year breastfeeding award
emerald exclusive pumping breastfeeding award
blue diamond tandem breastfeeding award
pink diamond multiples breastfeeding award
turquoise siblings (long combined total) breastfeeding award
rose gold breastfeeding a disabled baby breastfeeding award
pink tourmaline donating breastmilk breastfeeding award
moonstone donor milk feeding breastfeeding award
we can combine your donors’ milk and add your milk and/or formula
morganite allergies and intolerance breastfeeding award
black diamond supporting a breastfeeding partner breastfeeding award

boobie awards charm beads from "we tried" to "diamond" award
boobie awards charm beads from “we tried” to “diamond” award. boobie awards or nursiversaries are milestones for breastfeeding families to celebrate time breastfeeding or nursing

Click for all breastmilk jewellery by Tree of Opals, breastmilk charm or charm sets (two or more charms), silver breastmilk ring and gold breastmilk ring, silver breastmilk pearl and gold breastmilk pearl or if you can’t see what you’d like just pop us a message.

If buying a gift for your milk donor(s) please contact us for discount. If you’d like to make these a feature of your breast milk jewellery then please write what you’d like in the colours and sparkle;box before you add to your basket or for precious stone, choose from the dropdown menu. If you’d like to combine your booby award with your child’s birthstone or another sparkle or would like them; in a set of charms then please get in touch first. We will include only;natural rough precious gemstone or genuine precious metal leaf, no lab created gems, faceted gems (the facets would be lost in the resin), faux or imitation gems and metals. We only use guaranteed conflict-free gems although we do not purchase in amounts large enough for a Kimberly certificate. Most of our precious metal leaf comes from here in the UK, and our gems are usually from Thailand and India and we support Fairtrade.

Struggling with being working mum, breastfeeding after breast reconstruction, as a survivor, through chronic fatigue, vasospasms and mastitis, donor milk and combined feeding, but at the time of writing Nikki has just reached Tanzanite (blog coming soon). I joke that we will stop when the commute to Bastian’s university becomes an issue!

Our artist Nadine nursed when her daughter was small, Andrea and Joanna are both currently breastfeeding older babies. Andrea is nursing a baby with special dietary needs/allergies so like with most of the awards on this page, I’ve created the morganite breastfeeding award especially for families have to stick to a strict diet, perhaps without dairy and soy etc, in order to nurse a baby who is sensitive to certain foods that pass into mum’s own milk.

But I Couldn’t Breastfeed

Nursiversaries and boobie awards aren’t there to shame anyone and we know that you love your baby no matter how they are fed. The breastfeeding milestone awards are there for parents who have struggled to nurse and have not found it easy so please don’t think they are just for mamas who have had plain sailing. We know there are reasons why people are advised not to breastfeed at all, to ensure their own and their baby’s safety. There are trans and queer families who cannot begin to think about nursing for dysphoria and of course mums and dads who were born without the equipment! For whatever reason you choose not to breastfeed, we support you and would suggest lock of hair jewellery to celebrate your baby’s first haircut, your child’s first day at school and other family milestones!

Boobie Awards in Jewellery

We’re able to add boobie awards to any of our charms, rings and necklaces and you can see our client gallery with some of our favourite sets. This is Adi, a mommy from the USA who sent us a photo on our Facebook page of her nursing wearing her Pandora necklace with boobie award charms.


Tree of Opals boobie awards from amethyst (I tried hard) to ruby (three years) and well beyond, with special awards for donors, nursing a disabled baby and many more
boobie awards from amethyst (I tried hard) to ruby (three years) and well beyond, with special awards for donors, nursing a disabled baby and many more

26 thoughts on “Boobie Awards

    1. What would the cost of purchasing a charm for my donor? I have a low supply and she is so kind to give me 2-4 gallons a month while still feeding her son.

      1. Hi Jennifer that’s amazing! Donors totally have every respect from our family, we were given donor milk for both of our babies too. If you pop us an email we will send you a code to buy the charm for her
        Nic x

  1. Hello, I am interested in a breastmilk charm. With possibly a lock of hair as well as bit of platinum as that’s how far we got!

    1. The lock of hair “Additional Element” is £5 and platinum leaf is a “Precious Sparkle” at £10

      With the blue I could make it like the pinks on the gallery with a few speckles of blue shimmer, or I could put in some flecks of blue mermaid scales. With the platinum leaf and lock of hair too, there will be a lot going on in the charm!

      I would personally suggest choosing a charm duo, they’re £30 more and I’d make you one breastmilk charm with subtle blue shimmer and! one charm with your little boy’s hair, lots of platinum leaf and pieces of blue mermaid scales and I promise you they would be stunning! You wouldn’t need to pay extra to have the hair added to the second charm I know you’d be spending more but hey, formula is like £20 a week now so you deserve a reward for breastfeeding!

  2. I wish i could get something like this in Australia..
    Due to IGT i mix fed my 1st for 24 Months and currently mix feeding my 18 month old.

    1. Although I am more than happy to ship to Australia and your milk would travel beautifully, you’re totally blessed down there with some fantastic breastmilk artists. I’d highly recommend Mel at Beyond the Willow Tree who has mentored me, inspired me and encouraged me. In fact we knew one another from the IGT group well before either of us started creating these pieces. So if you want to support her business then please go for it, but if she can’t do the diamond and platinum then please send me your milk with the confidence that you’ll get something made with love from someone who understands chronic low supply either way!
      Nicola x

    1. Hi Vicky if you click here on the breastmilk charm you’ll be taken to the page. I’m offering platinum free of charge this month because we’re platinum ourselves (yay spring ’15 babies!), so just write “platinum leaf” in the notes on the checkout page (not the Precious Sparkle box on the product page, which costs £10).

    1. Hi Jade if you click here on the breastmilk charm you’ll be taken to the page to order. You just need to type “gold leaf” in the Precious Sparkle box and it adds £10 to the charm. So they’re £55 but I promise you the solid cores are really professional and will fit in really nicely with other charms from Pandora and Trollbeads etc. And just think, formula would have cost you about £1300 in the first year not to mention all the other costs you and your baby will avoid in the future eg lower risks of certain cancers. Oh, and you’re supporting a disabled working parent by shopping with me and probably paying towards my babies’ Christmas presents 🙂

  3. Hey I’m really interested in purchasing a Ruby boobie award bracelet charm. Can you let me know how much it will be? I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child and breastfed my first for just over 3 years. No longer breastfeeding her but always wanted a charm to represent the time I had with her breastfeeding.

    1. I know that there are lots of fab makers in the States but if you love mine I’d be honoured to make something for you. Milk travels beautifully all around the world and the shipping only takes 3-5 days! The postage is worked out for you on the checkout, even including me sending you a breastmilk collection kit, and the exchange rate will be done by PayPal when you pay by card or your PayPal account. It’s all nice and simple
      Nic x

  4. Do you do these to fit any other bracelets? I don’t have a Pandora but do wear a Thomas Sabo every day… Looking for something to mark 12 months breastfeeding my son, after we had a tough start feeding after his prem arrival.

  5. I’m lost as to the correct milestone to pick.

    Ive been breastfeeding for 8 years and still going, have tandem fed 3 times and donated milk and breastfed a disabled child. What would you suggest?

    1. Wow that’s amazing! How about one charm with blue diamond and all three children’s hair to represent tandem feeding all of them, then a second all-pink charm with the individual awards (rhodochrosite for 8 years, tourmaline for donating milk, and rose gold for feeding a disabled baby). which is £75, £5 for the locks of hair, classed as one additional element, and £10 for the rough precious stones.

      Feel free to call on 0117 329 2197 if you’d like to chat about it 🙂

  6. I am a first time mom to a beautiful little girl, 7 weeks old and our breastfeeding journey is a hard one that we will continue with together, however, we have had to supplement with donor milk, and our donor is very special to us since she is one of my new friends that we shared our whole pregnancies together and her son was born just a few days before my daughter. I wanted something special for both my breastfeeding journey and hers and something that connects us both in a special way. We live in the united states and are both part of military families (I’m active duty and she is a dependent). We have babies born in January…any suggestions on the perfect breastmilk pearl or bracelet bead for us. Thanks.

  7. Hi can I send you frozen breastmilk as want to get for my daughter as a gift and she feeds him but expresses for me for when she’s at work.

    1. That’s incredible – well done Naomi! The boobie awards are aimed at celebrating an individual or multiple child’s journey, but lots of parents like to combine them for tandem or total nursing times. It sounds like we should find a special award just for you so please pop us an email and we’ll work something out together.

      Congratulations again!
      Nikki x

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