breastmilk jewellery

Breastmilk jewellery in handmade settings, and exclusive Tree of Opals solid charm bead cores. Breastmilk rings and beautiful designs. Just your breastmilk cast into cabochons (breastmilk “stones”) which are professionally set into high quality findings including 14ct gold.  We are happy to send our breastmilk jewellery kits across the world and after you order you’ll be sent a breastmilk sending kit with instructions, what’s more we only need 15ml of your precious liquid gold. Because each piece is made by hand in our studios involving several stages, and our waiting list is very long, pieces usually take around three months to make – we know it’s quite a while we’re always told it’s worth it.

Here are the boobie awards which can be added to any of the resin pieces

Love Nikki & The Team

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