breastmilk jewellery

Stunning breastmilk jewellery created with just your breastmilk in UV resin, set in solid silver or solid gold, gold filled or even mokume gane.

Choose the simple classic look or add something extra. We offer pearly sparkle mixes, glitters, tints, pastel and pearlescent colours, precious metal leaf, birthstone effects and boobie awards

Most of our breastmilk jewellery pieces are engravable or can be accompanied by an engravable accessory. You can add a breastfeeding phrase like “breastfed with love” or your baby’s name and date of birth and emojis like hearts and stars.

We will post you a sending kit with instructions and accept international orders. You only need 5ml of breastmilk to order and can customise your piece however you like.

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