Environment and Ethics

Environment and Ethics

Where possible we use 100% recycled materials, our studio is powered by solar! Our jewellery is cruelty-free so we don’t buy any animal products such as leather and we don’t use anything tested on animals*. Our aim is to reduce, reuse and recycle everything from the packaging, to the cloths we clean the studio with (don’t worry, The Viking’s boxers were washed before I ripped them up).


We are very strict about keeping clients’ elements apart, but our moulds and order containers are washed to be reused. Our stirrers are from sustainable wood. We always purchase eco silver and gold where available because the price isn’t much different. Our metal clay is made from mostly recycled metals and some of our silver designs feature small silver “pebbles” made from raw melted scraps of silver, such as the European Charm Necklace.

We only buy fairtrade gemstones from trusted suppliers and can get Kimberly certificates on request (we currently buy in quantities too small to be given one).


Muslin Bags
Since our little hand-sewn wrapscrap bags became unsustainable we had to find another source for beautiful packaging that didn’t cost the earth. Our solution was some little raw undyed 100% cotton muslin bags that we pop your pieces into for safety. As of September 2017 we will be sending jewellery in eco friendly jewellery boxes.

Shipping Boxes
They’re part recycled too, and we reuse the padded envelopes we get our supplies sent in to send out some of our kits. If we get too many we bag them up and give them away on Freecycle to be reused, or the cardboard goes in the recycling.

Although our ribbon isn’t recycled (there doesn’t seem to be an option for the type of ribbon needed) it is supporting a small startup business here in the UK, a work at home maker named Joanna who happens to be our admin manager!

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