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Dear Customer, please find attached a picture of your cabochons (stones), beads or orbs and let me know which you prefer. We will send this finished and we will always return the unused one to you for free. If you’ve ordered more than one piece, let us know the ones you prefer

If you would like any of the extra pieces set with silver as a necklace, bead or charm they are £25 (normally £40) please let us know ASAP. Please remember that these proof pictures are sent as a quick courtesy and are not meant to be the same quality as those on our website. See question 13 on our FAQ page for more info. After a week we’ll choose for you.


Hazel & Nikki

Ps This email address is only monitored for proof pictures. ONLY reply TO THIS EMAIL about this photo! If you have any admin queries please contact Joanna on our Contact Us page.

Usual FAQ’s after a proof photo is sent

Q1: How long does the order take now?  And any questions about ETA’s or any other queries about how orders are “coming along” etc.

  • One of the first things we do when receiving a client’s elements is to give the order to our artist to create the resin blanks
  • Next, the order is ready to be set in metal. If the artist has created the resin blanks, it doesn’t give any indication that your order is almost ready sorry
  • New orders are estimated to take around twelve weeks from receipt of your returned kit to when we post
  • Orders can take up six months from receipt of both payment and elements. Orders needing to be sent of for engraving and/or hallmarking will always take longer (see question 4), you must promise you’ve read the terms and conditions if you want to order and the lead times are listed there in detail
  • We do not offer ETA’s/progress reports etc. 
  • Please do not ask for updates, you need to check your order status right here
  • Please don’t chase us for information, if there is information it will be on your account
  • If you ask for updates you will be asked to see these FAQ’s. If you will be requiring progress reports/guaranteed updates, please order elsewhere. We are always happy to recommend someone who can offer a service with individual attention for updates, and give you these manually. By ordering from Tree of Opals, you must promise you’re ok with our automated update policy, our lead time and our policy of not providing individual updates

We update orders by changing their status to organise them. If there are no updates on your account that means there’s no new information; please do not ask because we don’t want to disappoint you. When it is ready we will update the account then add shipping info. We ask clients not to ask for updates as it makes the process longer for everybody, you will be directed here. Chasing will slow down your order! Please be patient and we are working as hard as possible.

Just Contact Us if you have any trouble logging in. If you can’t see your order, let us know (you may have created a duplicate account)

Q2: How do I add and (our admin address) to my safe senders list on Hotmail? Your emails weren’t in my junk folder.

  • Select Options from the top right (next to the question mark)
  • Select More options > Safe and blocked senders (under Preventing junk email) > Safe senders
  • In the space provided, enter the domain
  • Select Add to list
  • Ensure the safe mailing lists box has the address you entered, and select OK

(more providers are listed here). For mobile users you can request the desktop site of your email provider in your browser. If THAT doesn’t work then remember, 1 in 10 people spell their email addresses wrong when they order, just ask Joanna on Facebook to check the email address we have for you or log in with the username and password you set originally. If you’re whitelisting our email address because you can’t log in then please ask Joanna to reset your password.

Q3: What do the order statuses mean?
A: Each order has a status. Order statuses let you know how far along the order is, starting with Pending and ending with Complete. When we change your order status we’ll often add a note too, so don’t forget to check your order notes! following order statuses are used:

Pending payment – Order received (unpaid). You can open the order and pay, or check for a PayPal invoice
On-Hold – maybe awaiting contact from you, please get in touch
Cancelled – Cancelled by an admin, get in touch to reinstate
Refunded – Refunded by an admin, get in touch to reinstate
Failed – Payment failed or was declined (unpaid). Note that this status may not show immediately and instead show as Pending until verified (i.e., PayPal), get in touch to reinstate
Processing – Payment received and the order is awaiting our attention. Usually we will send you a kit and add the order details to our spreadsheets. Please check your emails (question 8.1 above) for an automated order confirmation email from and if you’ve requested engraving we will confirm the text/font/position etc from
Kit to be sent – Joanna will be posting a kit, usually within a week. Get in touch if you’d rather not wait for a kit please
Waiting for Elements – we’ve posted a kit, or you’ve told us you’re sending without one, but we haven’t received your elements back yet. If you don’t get your kit, let us know and we’ll send another one or give you instructions to send without. Please give it time to arrive (we recommend UK customers send Special Delivery so they can track the parcel themselves)
Elements received – We’ve received your elements (milk/ashes/hair etc.) and the order is awaiting allocation to an artist or goldsmith 
Next for Artist – we’ve allocated your order to an artist and will give it to them next
With/New for Artist – your order is with our artist and will be worked on soon. You may see a proof photo emailed soon. If you give a preference, please remember our artists can’t always confirm they’ve received your email due to the bulk of emails we receive, but if we don’t hear back from you we will give you a nudge
Urgent – We know you’ve been waiting a while or are a priority order so we’ve put you at the top of our list
Ready to set in metal – your setting has been made and is waiting for the resin part to be made or set. If you’re having engraving and/or hallmarking, this may mean your setting is still in progress
Ready to send – your order is complete and is awaiting tracking info, we may add the tracking info before or after taking to the Post Office
Completed – Order fulfilled and complete – requires no further action

Q3: Can you send a better proof picture? The photos on your website are much better quality!
A: We send the best we can get with an iPad or smartphone and usually work evenings to fit around childcare. Please remember that we are the only company that sends out proof pictures (as far as we are aware) and they are only meant as a quick courtesy to check the colours/style is as you were hoping. Try zooming out so the image is to scale or hold the picture further away.

The high resolution photos on our website are taken once a month using a special photography setup then transferred to a computer for post processing. Doing a studio shot is not part of the proof service and we are unable to retake proof photos if you don’t like them. Please remember that not everybody gets a proof photo, it is a courtesy sent when we are able to. Please choose from the photo we have sent.


For more details on our artists and team please see the About Us page.

Contact our admin team here if you have any questions

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