How I Lost Half My Bodyweight

How I Lost Half My Bodyweight in a healthy way. I went from 125kg to 60kg in two years (about 20st to about 9.5st, or 175lb to 132lb). This blog is a small step away from my usual topics but a lot of people have asked me how I did it and I want to dispel any myths and rumours and let you know it’s not MLM or some faddy diet.

Please don’t see this advice. Don’t copy anything I’ve done without checking with a doctor or dietician first. This blog is not meant as weight loss advice, more to share my story. Here’s a video of me from 2017, about the heaviest I ever was.

This is me now

photo of Nikki after 65kg weightloss
photo of Nikki after 65kg weight loss

I want this blog to be positive but I do have to touch briefly on how I got to the size I was and the trauma around the initial weight loss. Although I had weight loss surgery, a gastric band, in 2017, I didn’t lose any weight from it; in fact I gained some weight! It wasn’t until 2022 that it began to fall off me because of a big change in my life.

How I Lost Half My Bodyweight

The kickstart to my weight loss was the trauma of becoming a single parent to my three little ones, being the main provider, working to keep my businesses afloat and still be a full time mum. It was up to me to cook meals for the kids, brush their teeth and give them baths then at night when they’re all asleep, try to catch up with work online. My eldest two have additional needs too, so it’s exhausting. My ex hadn’t been very involved with parenting so I guess there wasn’t a big change there, but I was run ragged. I often didn’t have time to eat and even when I did, I felt there was nothing I wanted. I went for days without eating or forced myself to have a meal replacement bar or something. 

In the early days I was a bit worried but it then evened out and I found that I no longer had the urge to binge, I was all of a sudden in control of what I put in my body. Food doesn’t have the same hold over me now, and I put it all down to a psychological shift. Anyone can change their attitudes towards food but I guess it’s easier said than done.

How I Lost Half My Bodyweight
How I Lost Half My Bodyweight

I only eat when I’m hungry. I stop eating as soon as I’m full*. I eat whatever the f**k I like, whenever I like. That’s literally it, because I don’t need to eat unless my body tells me to.

*sometimes I stop eating a little bit before I’m full, wait a bit for it to settle, happy in the knowledge I can have more when I want. 


How I Lost Half My Bodyweight

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