Oval Breastmilk Ring

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£100 inc. Vat

Solid silver oval breastmilk ring to give you a stunning breastfeeding keepsake. We will post you a sending kit. You can add a resin colour, subtle shimmer or a pastel colour or a boobie award. Kit included for posting in your milk.

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ring engraving

Not suitable for twist and bubble bands! For emojis please write *heart emoji* etc instead of pasting and double check all spellings.



Oval breastmilk ring with just your breastmilk set in solid silver. Breastmilk jewellery is a stunning way to remember the close bond you and your little one share. You can find a great La Leche League article on the wonderful properties of human milk here. You can add an additional element or inclusion like baby’s first curl, umbilical cord or placenta powder too if you like.

We will carefully cast only your breastmilk into resin and give you a choice of stones. You can see my YouTube tutorials here – I’ve been teaching breastmilk jewellery making since 2015 and supply most of the other breastmilk jewellers around the world from my other small business Keepsaker Supplies!

Breastmilk Sending Kits

We’ll send you a kit a week or so after you order and here’s some advice on sending it in. 15ml (a few teaspoons full) is plenty as we will send you two pots. If you prefer you can fill one for us and retain the other in your own freezer, and please don’t send us your last few drops; always keep some back!

Breastmilk Ring Colour Options

If you don’t leave a comment, I’ll make your ring with classic milk.

boobie awards
Boobie awards are a way to celebrate the length of time you’ve been feeding your little one, from amethyst for “we tried our best” to ruby for three years and onwards. For the full Boobie Awards page click here. Please request your boobie awards in the comments, no extra cost.

sparkle mixes
You can choose to include one of our highly pigmented resin colour sparkle mixes to tint your milk, or one of our breastmilk pearly sparkle mixes, alcohol ink art, iridescent flecks etc. Let us know in the comments if there’s a style you’ve seen on my Instagram or you could say something like “subtle purple and really sparkly with gold leaf”. We’ll make a few stones for you to choose from and if none are right, we’ll make some more. If you don’t leave a comment, I’ll make it with classic milk.

Oval Breastmilk Ring Setting

These totally handmade silver rings are available in several different styles of band and a landscape set 10x8mm oval bezel cup. They are handcrafted by Nikki in-house. Stacking rings can be worn next to one-another and collected just like charm beads. We use a combination of solid sterling 925 silver, Argentium 935 and 940 and pure silver 999 in the rings. Most of the bands are anti-tarnish silver but please follow the care instructions.

engraving your breastmilk ring

Engraving is possible on all bands except twist, bubble and star. It is done in Arial font as standard, but please let us know if you’d prefer another font such as Times New Roman, Vivaldi, Amazone BT, or Silver South Serif & Script in the comments of the product before adding it to the basket. Click on each font to see it “in action” with your chosen words. We can work with any font, please get in touch to discuss alternatives. We recommend Arial, Times New Roman or Silver South Serif for long messages, and handwriting fonts like Vivaldi, Amazone BT or Silver South Script are great for short messages and on larger pieces. Don’t copy and paste these emojis, write *sun emoji* instead please.

❤ ☀ ☾ ★ ☽ ∞ ♫ 💧 🐾 👣

silver breastmilk ring, 10x8mm setting with hair and breastmilk. 6mm shiny band, 935 anti-tarnish silver, engraved inside in Arial font
breastmilk ring engraved inside in Arial font

Engraving is done on the inside of our silver bands as standard, please let us know in the comments if you’d prefer it on the outside. We have a blog with baby and breastfeeding quotes for engraving here. The rings can also be engraved with images – see this page – you can add handwriting, fingerprints, footprints, handprints or a special pattern. 

Ring Stack

This listing is just for the breastmilk ring itself. You can accompany it with a slim stacking ring or even an engravable wide band stacking ring.

breastmilk ring with stacking bands
breastmilk ring with stacking bands

Ring Size

You can choose “send sizer” from the ring size dropdown above and we will post one out with your kit. It’s no extra charge. Twisted and bubble wire rings will be made in the size provided and are comfort fit and easy to put on. The wide band rings such as textured, brushed and shiny will automatically be made a size bigger to allow for their width. Please do not use a tape measure! If you think you may be smaller than a size L or larger than a size T then please request an Inclusive Ring Sizer.


Nikki’s YouTube Tutorial

If you’d prefer to DIY this ring you can purchase supplies over on Keepsaker Supplies and follow this tutorial. I have been teaching people how to make breast milk rings in person and online since 2016. I love making pieces for people but I have three little girls with additional needs and three businesses so you may need to wait a few months for your order. If you order a DIY kit I can usually send it within about a week!

Social Media Reviews For Our Breastmilk Ring

Stariesisters – breastmilk ring

*trigger warning – baby memorials*
Emma – breastmilk and ashes ring, breastmilk and ashes orb and breastmilk and ashes bead

Check out our FAQ page if you have any concerns/questions or contact our admins here

Additional information

boobie awards

classic milk, amethyst – tried our best, copper – 3 months, silver – 6 months, gold – 1 year, platinum – 18 months, diamond – 2 years


please send a ring sizer, UK size I, UK size J, UK size K, UK size L, UK size M, UK size N, UK size O, UK size P, UK size Q, UK size R, UK size S, UK size T, UK size U, UK size V, UK size W, UK size X, UK size Y, UK size Z, US size 4, US size 5, US size 6, US size 7, US size 8, US size 9



band style

chunky, classic, star, wide, bubble, twisted

breastmilk colour sparkle mix

classic breastmilk (no colour), pearly blue, pearly gold, pearly green, pearly pink, pearly purple, pearly red, unicorn white, fairy pink, orchid purple, aegean blue, mermaid teal, angelic aqua, basilisk green, chimera yellow, tangerine orange, dragon's blood red, vampire black, goddess golden, dolphin silver

precious metal

solid silver



4 reviews for Oval Breastmilk Ring

  1. Dxswauger (verified owner)

    I am elated with the quality of this ring. It is so beautiful and pictures really cannot compare. I got the pearly sparkle red and it adds such a beautiful touch to it when it hits the sunlight just right. I got mine engraved as well and it is such a wonderful keepsake to have.

  2. Amie Richards (verified owner)

    Thank you. Saying thank you doesn’t seem to justify what you have made. The journey I’ve been on is soo personal and sensitive, a mix of good and bad, and to have this beautiful keepsake is beyond words. I am truly grateful for my ring and necklace. Beautiful pieces of jewellery.

    • Nikki Kamminga

      I’m so grateful for this review, it meant the world to me to make your order and hear about your breastfeeding journey
      Nikki <3

  3. Samantha Butler (verified owner)

    I’am over the moon with my breastmilk ring. I have been breastfeeding for 5 years (I’ve had 3 children in that time) and to have a keepsake of something I have found to be such a special and precious time in my life is amazing. I ordered a pearly pink twisted band and the colour is very subtle and stunning when it catches the light. Thabkyou so much for creating something so beautiful that will stay with me even after my breast feeding journey has finished.

    • Nikki Lovegrove

      Dear Samantha,
      I’m so glad you like your ring and congratulations on your 5 year breastfeeding journey, what a wonderful thing to do for your babies!

  4. Kelly Oakley (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my twisted oval breastmilk ring. I can not thank you enough for making such a beautiful keepsake. X

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