Sending Elements

New for June 2017 – all new orders will now include a kit. We will send these within two weeks of receiving your order and they will include the return address. If you ordered before then and would like a kit please get in touch

Don’t send it all in case it’s lost in the post or we need you to send more!

We recommend you store an ounce of milk in your freezer until your kit arrives. There’s a guide to expressing here; please send around 15ml (1/2oz). Nic suffered chronic low supply following breast surgery and knows this might sound daunting but please get in touch to discuss your options. If you’re worrying your supply is going down then express and freeze as much as you can straight away and keep adding to it a few times a day.

Lock Of Hair

example of the ideal amount of hair to send for lock of hair and fur keepsake jewellery from Tree of Opals
example of the ideal amount of hair to send for lock of hair and fur keepsake jewellery from Tree of Opals
section off a slice of hair and weave in and out then cut a few of the strands at the root, so as not to get a bald patch” width=”150″ height=”150″>You can weave out a thin section of hair. Do this at the back of the head and snip the strands you lifted after weaving. This way, no bald patch. You can tie with a bit of cotton thread to help keep it together, but NO SELLOTAPE please. Place it in the small labelled orange pot and then the bag and return according to the instructions. You can send us baby’s first curl or hair from the first haircut. If your child is having their first haircut, ask the hairdresser to remove some hair as if they were doing a colour strand test (they will know what that means) instead of sending the split ends, it’s easier for us to work with if possible. We try to only use 1/3 of what is sent, leaving room for remakes.


example of the ideal amount of fur to send for lock of hair and fur keepsake jewellery from Tree of Opals
example of the ideal amount of fur to send for lock of hair and fur keepsake jewellery from Tree of Opals

This is an ideal amount to send us but you must keep some back in case we need more. If you only have a small amount please send us a photo before posting and we will advise you. Place the fur in the small labelled orange pot in your kit and then the bag and return according to the instructions.

Umbilical Cord & Placenta
Just one piece of your cord stump, 1cm of dehydrated cord or one capsule of dried placenta is enough. Do not send the whole cord, just cut off a piece the size of an orange pip. You may send by signed delivery. Please use a small pair of scissors to remove a little at the end. Place it in the labelled pot then bag and return according to the instructions in the box.

Fabric & Wrapscrap
wedding dress lace fabric keepsake jewellery
Fabric the size of a business card is perfect, but we can take less especially for charms. If you can’t bare to cut fabric from the inner hem of a dress why not ask your seamstress for some fabric and seed beads from the same batch? Place it in a small clear bag with your full name and order number written clearly on or inside the bag (not on a scrap of paper in the package please! They get lost). If you’re buying a scrap from a third party to send to us please ask them to add your order number!

forget me not jewellery
You can now purchase a flower and petal drying kit which will usually be sent to you within around a week of ordering (let us know your event date, we may send Special Delivery if this is last minute), perfect if you are planning your event such as wedding, Christening or funeral. It comes with instructions and everything you need to dry and send them back, taking the stress out of that part of your day. If you forgot to keep some flowers back why not ask your florist to source a few from the same supplier for you; they will likely be from the same original plant. Only send a portion of what you have, a few petals is enough for a charm and leaves us a little room for human error, we can always ask you to send us more. For delicate flowers please use a small plastic tub (a clean moisturiser tub or takeaway container is great) layered with cotton wool or bubble wrap, add your full name and order number then send this in a box as a small package.

Trigger Warning – Loss

Cremation Ashes
Please We promise we will have absolute respect for your loved one’s remains and return any amount that is unused.  Please never send all you have in case they are lost in the post.  You are more than welcome to bring in person, we have studios in South Wales and Wiltshire.

Early Pregnancy Loss
If you are able to place a small piece of natural fabric (cotton, silk etc) on top of your pad as you are bleeding, you can allow this to air dry completely in a safe place before sending.  If you want us to include anything other than blood then please get in touch first – I have helped a mama before to prepare her baby after loss and we placed the baby in a resin charm.  In the mean time, anything precious can be kept safe on ice in a freezer.  They are pro-bono.
Second and Third Trimester Loss/Stillbirth
Please contact us to help make arrangements for a keepsake. I trained as a placenta encapsulation specialist and will be able to talk you through dehydrating a small piece of your baby’s placenta or cord.  In the mean time, anything precious can be kept safe on ice in a freezer.  I am very open minded about what is included and have worked with a variety of baby loss elements such as blood-tinged blankets, scan photos, ribbons, petals etc. They are pro-bono.

You must add your full name and order number to all elements to adhere to our strict procedure for keeping elements separate!


  • The address for sending will be added to your order when you confirm you have read these instructions, just tell me about how you have packaged your elements.  Log in at My Account to view your notes and see the FAQ’s if you don’t get the automated emails.
  • Please designate what you’re sending as “Jewellery Making Item” (you may struggle if you are too specific about what you’re sending!)
  • All responsibility for sending lies with you, but we’re happy to advise. There is always a risk of items getting lost in the post so please only send a portion of your elements (e.g. half a lock of hair) and keep the other half. If your item is not labelled we will do our best to identify it but if there is any doubt (e.g. two lots of ashes unlabelled) we would ask both clients to send again properly.
    Within UK
    Please post everything except breastmilk by whichever method you prefer.  Again, don’t forget your full name and order number on the elements (not on a separate letter) and milk kits will include a Royal Mail first class large letter stamp and mustn’t be sent SD/signed in case we miss it. We prefer to work with fresher milk if possible.

    International clients
    Please choose the service you would like to use. For breastmilk we recommend no more than a week; even sour breastmilk works great with our method! If the services you use requires a signature please let us know when it may arrive so we can make arrangements to receive it, especially with breastmilk. For customs you are sending “jewellery making items”, which is the truth, but you may struggle to find a suitable provider if you are more specific. Please do not give a value of more than a few dollars/pounds otherwise we will need to pay import duty (VAT) and you will be invoiced – your elements are extremely valuable but not expensive!
    You don’t need to spend more than around $15USD and if the service costs more than that feel free to contact us. All responsibility for sending lies with our clients.

    you can view at My Account