Lock of Hair Jewellery

Lock of hair jewellery, or hair and fur jewelry, made from your loved one’s hair or pet’s fur, first curl baby keepsakes and memorials. Handmade with love and care by our artists.

Our hair and fur resin “stones” can be set in rings, necklaces, orbs and beads for Chamilia and Pandora style bracelets. We offer solid silver, solid gold and gold filled settings.

You can choose one of our resin sparkle mixes, a forget me not flower or some precious metal leaf to your keepsake and memorial lock of hair jewellery. No extra charge to add two or more people or pets’ hair to one piece.

Most of our hair and fur jewelry or jewellery pieces are engravable or can be accompanied by an engravable accessory. You can add a memorial phrase like “forever in my heart” or your loved one’s name and dates of birth and passing and emojis like hearts and stars, pawprints and infinity symbols. Or you can add your baby’s name and a keepsake phrase such as “I love you to the moon and back”.

We will send you a kit after you order for you to post back your loved one’s hair or fur. We only need a small pinch or at most, we recommend you send us a photo of the lock you have with a penny next to it for scale, we will let you know how much of it to send us.

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