Funeral Home Packages

If your family would like the funeral home to arrange the jewellery for you we offer special prices and set funeral home packages. Please ask them to contact owner Nikki Kamminga on

Here are some examples of family orders we’ve made in the past

What to do when someone dies
The UK government has a helpful area here that helps you know what to do when someone dies. The process will differ from country to country but a funeral home can usually help you navigate this list.

Funeral Home Packages for Memorial Jewellery

All of our jewellery is set in solid sterling silver or 9ct or 14ct solid gold. We never use plated settings. Our bead cores are branded and fit perfectly onto Pandora bracelets. Our ring, cufflink and pearl settings are handmade from scratch. We offer sign-off photos for each piece to make sure our clients are happy with the colours of their memorials.

We specialise in lock of hair memorials and cremation ashes jewellery and are happy to advise your funeral home, undertaker or crematorium on how much hair or ash we need. We will send a kit to them to return the ashes and/or hair with instructions and name and order number, and ask them to reserve the same amount in case we require more. Each order is kept in its own box with order details and can’t be contaminated with other clients’ elements.