White and Grey Hair Jewellery

Examples of white and grey hair jewellery made with resin. This gallery shows you examples of how fur and locks of hair that are grey, clear, white, salt and pepper or very light blonde will look in resin. A good way to get an idea of how visible the hair will be in resin is by holding a lock under water – if it’s visible in the water then it is more likely to be visible in resin. If you can’t see it very well under water then it might not show up in the finished piece (for example, white or light blonde hair).

As you can see below, the colour you choose doesn’t make a lot of difference; the hair will be visible or it won’t be. Please do not order unless you understand that some hair won’t show.

For colour options please look at the Colour Options page, and for birthstone options see the Natural Birthstones page. Please get in touch if you have any questions.