Natural Birthstones

Natural Birthstones and Precious Stones
You can choose a Precious Stone to add to your resin jewellery but if you would like more than one in a piece or you are choosing a Keepsake Charm Set or Family Order then please get in touch first as we may charge a little less than we would for individual pieces.

Scroll down for the information on Natural Birthstones, or see the following advice pages:
resin jewellery colours and sparkles
boobie awards

For more information and examples on each of these natural birthstones please click the links below

January – red garnet
February – amethyst
March – aquamarine
April – diamond
May – emerald
June – moonstone
July – ruby
August- peridot
September – sapphire
October – opal
November- yellow topaz
December – blue topaz

Natural Birthstones

You can add colours and sparkles for no extra charge to our resin keepsake jewellery pieces. Precious Metal Leaf such as genuine copper, silver, yellow gold leaf, white gold, 23.5ct deep gold, rose/red gold, platinum or palladium leaf are now free additions too and are classed with other colours and sparkles!

Call 0117 329 2197 if you need help and don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions properly, please don’t just tick the box on the checkout! Check out our FAQ page if you have any concerns/questions or contact our admin team here

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