Cleaning and Storing Memorial Jewellery

We’re often asked the best way of cleaning and storing memorial jewellery so it’s about time I wrote a blog about it. There’s a great blog from Mora Pandora about Cleaning and Storing Your Pandora Silver Jewellery so if you own a Pandora bracelet that’s worth a read! The blog says that most Pandora charms and bracelets have a patina, also known as oxidisation, which gives the antique silver effect. This can be rubbed away with harsh silver cleaners and the same applies to the iconic Tree of Opals brand stamp on our memorial charms for Pandora bracelets.

client's own photo of Tree of Opals charm on a genuine Pandora bracelet - Cleaning and Storing Memorial Jewellery
client’s own photo of a Tree of Opals charm on a genuine Pandora bracelet

I recommend using a special cleaning cloth like the Town Talk Anti Tarnish Silver Polishing Cloth on the metal part if it needs brightening, but don’t rub too hard or the patina may come out. You can clean our jewellery with an old toothbrush and a tiny bit of washing up liquid (dish soap) but don’t soak anything with resin as it can degrade the plastic. You can see our page on resin jewellery care here for more information on caring for the resin, buffing out scratches etc. Cleaning and storing memorial jewellery is important to keep the pieces looking their best for longest.

Cleaning and Storing Memorial Jewellery

Your jewellery can be professionally polished but please ask them to cover any resin or glass before using any tripoli, rouge or other abrasives and pastes. We are more than happy to polish any items purchased from us free of charge if you cover the cost of postage to us and to return it Special Delivery, but due to the cost of postage we recommend you support a local small jewellery business for best results and speed. They may want to know what sort of silver or gold we use; our bubble band rings are Argentium silver (slightly purer than 925 sterling, they are between 935 and 960), our other ring bands are recycled sterling known as EcoSilver and all are brazed with hard and medium sterling solder paste (occasionally easy solder paste). Our sterling silver Tree of Opals charm cores, available since 2016, are 925 purity stamped silver.

Polishing Solid Gold Memorial Rings

We recommend our 14ct gold hallmarked rings are polished professionally to avoid damage to the bezel cup and cabochon (stone). I suggest using a local jeweller who can provide the service whilst you wait due to the high value and sentimentality of the ring.

Storing Memorial Jewellery

For long term storage of keepsake and memorial jewellery we suggest an Anti Tarnish Bag like this one which will keep it clean and prevent tarnishing. Many clients say that they place their whole Pandora bracelet in one at night and whilst they shower and bathe, swim and do other activities like gardening.

Cleaning and Storing Memorial Jewellery with seven cremation ash charms for Pandora bracelets and text

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