Umbilical Cord and Placenta Jewellery

Umbilical cord and placenta jewellery (umbilical cord jewelry) made from your baby’s cord stump or dried placenta then set in resin. We use solid silver, solid gold or gold filled and gold vermeil settings. Most of our settings are handmade from scratch so just read the full product description to learn more.

You can add your baby’s birthstone or other precious sparkles and pieces for loss families are pro bono. Please contact us if you are expecting and would like instructions on preserving a little part of the last permanent physical bond that connects you.

You can choose from one of our eleven resin sparkle mixes, or request something custom from an unlimited variety of coloured resin, shimmers and pearlescent powders, glitters and opalescent flakes and even precious metal flecks like rose gold leaf or platinum leaf. You can include your baby’s birthstone as a rough natural precious gemstone within the cord or placenta jewellery, or stick to a classic piece encapsulating it within your choice of setting.

Most of our umbilical cord jewellery pieces are engravable or can be accompanied by an engravable accessory. You can add a keepsake phrase like “I love you to the moon and back” or your baby’s name and date of birth and emojis like hearts and stars.

We will post you a sending kit for your umbilical cord jewelry or jewellery, with instructions and accept international orders. You only need a tiny piece of cord stump or half a capsule of placenta powder to order and can customise your piece however you like.

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