Umbilical Cord Cufflinks

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Umbilical Cord Cufflinks with your baby’s cord or placenta encased in resin, with different resin colour options. We will post you a sending kit. You can add a lock of hair or cremation ashes.

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Umbilical Cord Cufflinks for men and all jewellery lovers. Perfect for preserved placenta too! Our babies are only small for a moment. They gain their independence so quickly starting from when the umbilical cord is cut separating them from your shared placenta.

We will cast a tiny bit of your baby’s cord stump or dried placenta powder into resin and give you a choice of stones or create a sample piece to check you’re happy with the colours. You can see Nikki’s YouTube tutorials here and know that I never film without your permission. I’m considered an expert and offer advanced courses in making umbilical cord and placenta jewellery, so you’re in safe hands. You might see my designs and stock images elsewhere because other breastmilk artists buy them from me over on Keepsaker Supplies (you’re welcome to buy from there if you’d rather DIY!)

placenta and umbilical cord cufflinks colour options
You can pick one of our nineteen colour sparkle mixes, or choose “classic cord” for a piece set in clear resin with a white background. Click on this colour options page to see more info about each variation, including how we place each of the colours and shimmers. Each piece will look unique because of the natural colours of the umbilical cord and placenta powder and we can’t predict the results. Colours vary from white to red, black, pink and brown and everything in between.

adding hair
You can add a first curl as an additional element to any of our umbilical cord and placenta keepsake pieces, just write what you’d like in the box above.

cord and placenta powder sending kits
We’ll send you a kit a week or so after you order and here’s some advice on sending it in, please read it. It’s really important you keep some ash back and don’t send too much. “Less is more” with keepsake jewellery.

*tw baby loss* If you are looking for a loss piece for a baby or child then please email Nikki on with the subject line “Pro Bono”, who will try to reply straight away. We have a small fund available for these pieces and some instructions on our Non-Profit Baby Memorial page on how to save a first curl, placenta and umbilical cord if your baby is to be born sleeping and ash if they are cremated.

Placenta or Umbilical Cord Cufflinks

Cufflink Settings

These are solid silver 12mm round cufflinks, shown in the main product image. They are handmade by us and your elements are set in a resin cabochon which is glued into place, then the silver is pushed over to hold it in place. You can also choose from an unlimited amount of other shapes including 12mm heart, 14x10mm teardrop, 10mm cushion and 20x10mm oval, please contact us if you have a preferred shape or size and I’m happy to make mismatched pairs too.
Owner and goldsmith

Nikki’s YouTube Tutorial

If you’d prefer to DIY these cufflinks you can purchase supplies over on Keepsaker Supplies and follow a tutorial. I have been teaching people how to make cremation ashes European style beads in person and online since 2016.



Social Media Reviews for our Placenta Powder and Umbilical Cord Charm Jewellery

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Additional information

colour sparkle mix

alcohol ink art, classic cord (no colour or sparkle), unicorn white, fairy pink, orchid purple, aegean blue, mermaid teal, angelic aqua, basilisk green, chimera yellow, tangerine orange, dragon's blood, vampire black, goddess golden, dolphin silver, pearly pink, pearly purple, pearly blue, pearly green, pearly gold, pearly red


cushion, oval, round, teardrop, heart

precious metal

solid sterling silver



country of manufacture

United Kingdom


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