Duo Cord Ring

£110 inc. Vat

Duo Cord Ring in solid anti-tarnish silver to give you a stunning baby keepsake. We will post you a sending kit. You can choose the resin colour or have classic umbilical cord or dried placenta. 

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What would you like in each stone? *

Would you like umbilical cord or placenta in both stones or something else as well? Please give us detailed notes including their names so we can send you separate pots for each baby. Eg. “Tia’s and cord and pregnancy test one side, and Joe’s hair and placenta powder on the other”

Please tell us the colours you’d like

You can choose any colour or birthstone colour and add precious metal leaf like gold leaf, let us know what you would like on each side. Eg. “classic (no colour) for Tia’s cord and pregnancy test, and black white gold leaf for Joe’s hair and placenta powder”

Would you like engraving?

You can choose handstamping (looks handmade and a little wonky), laser engraved text and emojis or laser engraved image (like partial fingerprints or handwriting). Not suitable for bubble or twist bands!


Placenta or Duo Cord Ring because our babies are only small for a moment. They gain their independence so quickly starting from when the umbilical cord is cut separating them from your shared placenta.

We will carefully cast only your placenta or umbilical cord into into resin and give you a choice of stones. You can see Nikki’s YouTube tutorials here and know that I never film without your permission. I’m considered an expert and offer advanced courses in making keepsake jewellery, so you’re in safe hands. You might see my designs and stock images elsewhere because other keepsake artists buy them from me over on Keepsaker Supplies (you’re welcome to buy from there if you’d rather DIY!)

placenta and umbilical cord duo ring colour options
You can pick one of our eight colour mixes, or choose “classic cord” for a piece set in clear resin with a white background. Click on this colour options page to see more info about each variation, including how we place each of the colours and shimmers. Each piece will look unique because of the natural colours of the umbilical cord and placenta powder and we can’t predict the results. Colours vary from white to red, black, pink and brown and everything in between.

adding hair and pregnancy tests
You can add a first curl as an additional element to any of our umbilical cord and placenta keepsake pieces, just write what you’d like in the box above. You can also send in a pregnancy test instead or as well as cord, or other items such as dried blood, fabric, earth and sand or dried petals.

cord and placenta powder sending kits
We’ll send you a kit a week or so after you order and here’s some advice on sending it in, please read it. It’s really important you keep some ash back and don’t send too much. “Less is more” with keepsake jewellery.

Duo Cord Ring Setting

Silver Ring Settings
These totally handmade silver cord and placenta jewelry rings are available in several different styles of band and two small 6mm round bezel cups, as shown in the main product image. The bezel cups and bands are solid silver. I use Argentium silver, 935 or 940 purity, which is tarnish resistant and purer than sterling which is 925 purity. They are handcrafted by owner and artist Nikki Kamminga and my designs sell all around the world to other bereavement and memorial jewellers through my other business, Keepsaker Supplies. 

Ring Size

You can choose “send sizer” from the ring size dropdown above and we will post one out with your kit. It’s no extra charge. Twisted, classic and bubble wire rings will be made in the size provided and are comfort fit and easy to put on. The wide band rings such as textured, satin and tree bark will automatically be made a size bigger to allow for their width. Please do not use a tape measure, they’re not very accurate! See our T’s and C’s for more info on ring sizing.

engraving your Duo Cord Ring

We can engrave 3mm and 6mm wide bands (satin, textured, tree bark) and classic bands, but unfortunately not bubble or twisted bands (if you order engraving with those we will offer you a choice of another band style). Engraving is done in Arial font as standard, but please let us know if you’d prefer another font such as Times New Roman, Vivaldi, Amazone BT, or Silver South Serif & Script in the comments of the product before adding it to the basket. Click on each font to see it “in action” with your chosen words. We can work with any font, please get in touch to discuss alternatives. We recommend Arial, Times New Roman or Silver South Serif for long messages, and handwriting fonts like Vivaldi, Amazone BT or Silver South Script are great for short messages and on larger pieces. Copy and paste these emojis, sometimes the ones on a phone or tablet aren’t accepted when you try to add to basket!

❤ ☀ ☾ ★ ☽ ∞ ♫ 💧 🐾 👣

Tree of Opals Engraving Fonts Arial, Times New Roman, Vivaldi, Amazone BT, Silver South Serif and Silver South Script
Tree of Opals Engraving Fonts
Arial, Times New Roman, Vivaldi, Amazone BT, Silver South Serif and Silver South Script

Engraving is done on the inside of our silver bands as standard, please let us know in the comments if you’d prefer it on the outside. We have blogs with baby quotes here and memorial quotes here, and for image engraving see this page – you can add handwriting, fingerprints, footprints, paw prints and handprints or a special pattern. 

Please scroll up for the full product listing and don’t forget you must read the full Terms and Conditions and FAQ’s before ordering!

Check out our FAQ page if you have any concerns/questions about the Duo Cremation Ring or contact our admins here. If you’d prefer a 6mm band please let us know in the comments, no extra charge, also engravable. If you think you may be smaller than a size L or larger than a size T then please order a Plus Size Ring Sizer here.

Check out our FAQ page if you have any concerns/questions or contact our admins here


Additional information


please send a ring sizer, UK size I, UK size J, UK size K, UK size L, UK size M, UK size N, UK size O, UK size P, UK size Q, UK size R, UK size S, UK size T, UK size U, UK size V, UK size W, UK size X, UK size Y, UK size Z, US size 4, US size 5, US size 6, US size 7, US size 8, US size 9

band style

chunky, classic, star, wide, bubble, twisted

precious metal

solid silver




6mm duo


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