Hair Locket

£280 inc. Vat

This hair locket necklace is a lovely way to keep someone’s hair and photograph close. We can include the photograph for you if you send it in with the hair or fur. We will post you a sending kit. Choose natural ashes or add a resin colour. You can choose text or image engraving as an add-on to this piece. 

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For emojis please write *heart emoji* etc instead of pasting and double check all spellings

locket engraving

You can choose laser engraved text and emojis or laser engraved image (like fingerprints or handwriting). For emojis please write *heart emoji* etc instead of pasting and double check all spellings

Add a photo

Email me the photo and I will print and cut to size for you, adding in the locket. All spare printed photos are returned to you



A Hair Locket with resin because photos don’t show every detail. We can embed your loved one’s hair, your little one’s first curl or a bit of your pet’s fur into a lock of hair or fur locket necklace with crystal clear resin. Using locks of human hair in jewellery has a long and rich tradition in many cultures which you can read more about in this Wiki article (click here).

lock of hair colours
You can view our colour option galleries here (click here) for lots of examples of pieces using that colour mix. Each piece will look unique because of the natural colours of the hair or fur and we can’t predict the results. We will use our best efforts with white hair, which is clear in resin, to give the hair some depth and bounce some light off the strands. If you’d like us to use grey, white, salt and pepper or very light blonde hair then it may or may not show up in the resin, have a look at this gallery

adding VIP extras to a lock of hair teardrop necklace
You can add a forget-me-not flower here to your lock of hair teardrop necklace, or if you prefer only forget-me-nots or other flowers order this charm and let us know in the comments if you’re sending petals or would like us to use only forget-me-nots. Add gold leaf or other precious metal leaf here, or even your baby’s umbilical cord or placenta.

lock of hair or fur sending kits
We’ll send you a kit a week or so after you order and here’s some advice on sending it in, please read it. It’s really important you keep some hair back just in case. You can send us a photo on our Facebook page of the amount you have, so we can tell you how much of it we need. If you’d like us to add a photograph for you in this necklace, please have a copy made of the photo and don’t send us the original photo please!

Hair Locket Necklace

necklace setting
This will be a 20mm heart or or 25x15mm oval setting. The setting for the heart necklace also includes a medium weight sturdy 20”/50cm sterling silver chain. You can swap the chain for one of our Necklace Chain Upgrades up to £25 in value, or recieve a £10 discount if you don’t need a chain at all.


Add your text, up to 20 characters – upper and lower case, numbers and punctuation in Arial font (if you’d prefer another font please let us know in the comments box). It will be deep black professional engraving. Perhaps you can choose Roman numerals, birth, marriage or death coordinates, or messages of love and remembrance. Please write *heart emoji* instead of copy and pasting the symbol.

❤ ☀ ☾ ★ ☽ ∞ ♫ 💧 🐾 👣

We have a blog with some of our favourite memorial quotes here (click) and baby and breastfeeding quotes here (click) or you can choose your own. If you have any quotes you would like to add to the list please let us know. If you’d prefer an engraved fingerprint, handprint or handwriting just add image engraving to your basket.

Check out our FAQ page if you have any concerns/questions or contact our admin team here


If you’d like to purchase this locket on a budget by itself or with a DIY kit click here for the Heart Locket and here for the oval locket from our sister company, Keepsaker Supplies.  

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Additional information

colour sparkle mix

unicorn white, fairy pink, orchid purple, aegean blue, mermaid teal, angelic aqua, basilisk green, chimera yellow, tangerine orange, dragon's blood, vampire black, goddess golden, dolphin silver, pearly pink, pearly purple, pearly blue, pearly green, pearly gold, pearly red


heart locket, oval locket

precious metal

solid sterling silver


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