Breastmilk Charm Bead


Now Engravable!

Solid silver breastmilk bead for Chamilia and Pandora style bracelets to give you a stunning breastfeeding keepsake.

We will post you a sending kit. Choose natural breastmilk or add a Boobie Award and resin sparkle mix.

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bead core engraving

Letters, numbers and punctuation, such as dates of birth and messages of love and remembrance. One side only, very small area to engrave. Emojis ❤ ☀ ☾ ★ ☽ ∞ ♫ 💧 🐾 👣


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Breastmilk bead cast with just your breastmilk in UV resin. Breastmilk jewellery is a stunning way to remember the close bond you and your little one share. You can find a great La Leche League article on the wonderful properties of human milk here. You can add an additional element like baby’s first curl, umbilical cord or placenta powder too if you like.

Breastmilk Sending Kits

We’ll send you a kit a week or so after you order and here’s some advice on sending it in, please read it. It’s really important you keep some milk in the freezer while waiting for your kit, and after you send then keep some back just in case. 15ml is plenty as we will send you two pots. If you prefer you can fill one for us (7ml) and retain the other in your own freezer, it’s very rare we need the second backup pot and this gives low supply clients some extra security.

Breastmilk Bead colour options

boobie awards
Boobie awards are a way to celebrate the length of time you’ve been feeding your little one, from amethyst for “we tried our best” to ruby for three years and onwards. For the full Boobie Awards page click here.

sparkle mixes
You can choose to include one of our highly pigmented resin colour sparkle mixes to tint your milk, or one of our new breastmilk pearly sparkle mixes. The pearly sparkle mixes are very subtle and will give your milk a hint of colour in certain lights. All of our resin sparkle mixes contain ethical and synthetic mica (free from child mining), plant based eco glitters and opalescent flakes and are hand blended by Nikki.

Breastmilk Bead

European charm bead setting
All of our European charm beads come with a solid sterling silver Tree of Opals branded core that fit in perfectly with other beads like Pandora and Trollbeads. Our breastmilk bead charm insert hole size is around 4.5mm and should fit most Pandora, Biagi or Chamilia bracelets etc. For an interesting history on the European charm beads have a look at this Wikipedia page.

bead engraving

Our breastmilk bead cores are now available to be engraved with a few words – just choose the blank core then add your engraving

Breastmilk bead with engraved bead core exclusively from Keepsaker Supplies. Small amounts of text can be engraved directly onto the bead core now
Breastmilk bead with engraved bead core

If you’d like a longer quote, more children’s names and dates of birth etc we recommend you add a separate laser engraved washer here they sit around the bead on your bracelet

classic breastmilk bead with engraved washer and bracelet. Tree of Opals core
classic breastmilk bead with engraved washer and bracelet. Tree of Opals core

This listing is just for the charm bead itself and you can add bracelets and charm accessories here.

Please check out our FAQ page before ordering

Social Media Reviews For Our Breastmilk Orb


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Thought I would share something that is precious to me, my Mummy Pandora. Currently it has 5 charms on it and they all mean so much to me. My Memory Makers @memorymakersuk charm of Ava’s fingernail from when she was a month old (from Mothercare), my “It’s a Girl” charm from my work colleagues when I went on Mat leave, my @treeofopals handmade charm with a lock of Ava’s hair in, an Owl and her owlet from my Brother and his gf on my first birthday as a Mummy, and my Lace stopper to make sure they all stay on safely. On the Moments silver bracelet with Pandora Rose clasp. 💚 #themuddymummyblog #mummy #pandora #treeofopals #mothercare #makingmemories #memorymakers #motherhood #bracelet #special

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Debbie – breastmilk bead duo

Michaellat – breastmilk bead

Faye – stamped washer and breastmilk bead

Ecomamaidh – breastmilk bead

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@tree_of_opals #treeofopals #keepsakejewelry #milk #charms #breastmilk #breastmilkjewelry #treasure

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Additional information

boobie awards

classic milk, copper – 3 months, diamond – 2 years, gold – 1 year, platinum – 18 months, ruby – 3 years, silver – 6 months

resin colour

aegean blue, angelic aqua, basilisk green, chimera yellow, classic breastmilk (no colour), dragon's blood, fairy pink, mermaid teal, orchid purple, tangerine orange, unicorn white, vampire black

core style

blank (for engraving), Breastfed ♥ With Love ♥, Forever In My Heart ♥, Tree of Opals


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