Resin Jewellery Supplies in the UK

Resin Jewellery Supplies in the UK can be tricky to find and are probably the most important (followed by metalworking) for an jeweller working with different media. I’ve decided to put together a list of the supplies I use in the hope that it will help some of you. Here are the sections including a short list of the things I thought I’d need but didn’t.

These links are from the UK and we’re planning more soon for the USA, Australia and Canada, please let me know and I will create a special list for you. You might find our other breastmilk jewellery and other keepsake jewellery making blogs helpful too.

Resin Jewellery Supplies in the UK

Resin Jewellery Supplies in the UK from the right UV resin to dust masks and sanding blog by Nikki Kamminga at Tree of Opals

  1. this exact brand of resin, Qian Qian a UV resin from Japan which cures better than the Lisa Pavelka branded version
  2. clear silicone moulds like this one from UK artist Crazy Nature
  3. toothpicks from the supermarket or Poundstretcher etc
  4. lollipop sticks in batches
  5. nitrile gloves, powder-free which you can reuse. I get mine at the car boot sales in the summer at £2 box
  6. some disposable masks, again reuse them
  7. UV gel lamp, be careful buying nail supplies on Facebook because sellers often charge more and you’ll need to replace the bulbs sooner. I take out two of the bulbs and just use the left hand side, and cover the base in aluminium foil
  8. a set of needle files to remove excess resin quickly
  9. wet and dry abrasive pads in several grits
  10. a flexishaft rotary tool like the Dremel and extra bits
  11. jewellery glue, epoxy or cement style is fine, sometimes you can use resin but only if the light can get to it to cure

Things you don’t need, or probably won’t!

  • epoxy or polyester resin
  • opaque moulds

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