My Week Making Cremation Ashes Jewellery

I’ll tell you about my week making cremation ashes jewellery so you can feel part of this exciting process. One thing I’ve noticed about my job is that I’m never ever bored! Super busy – yes, tired – definitely, sad – always (when it comes to cremation ashes) and creative – every day, but never bored. You can see our full range of cremation ashes jewellery by clicking here

My Week Making Cremation Ashes Jewellery

cup of tea
cup of tea and a notebook

As much as I’d love a lie-in after my wonderful husband, The Viking, has taken the kids to school, the kettle calls me. With a bucket of soy Earl Grey I jump in the shower with an audio book on the tablet. I listen to audio books a lot because it means I can keep looking at different pages on the tablet or concentrate on what I’m doing with a story on in the background. Amazon have given me a 30 day free trial of Audible (just click here) for all of my customers.

Had a message from Nadine, one of my best friends in the whole world, and artist who makes most of the beautiful resin pieces. She pops round a couple of times a week to exchange orders and drink black coffee and natter. She brings me completed pieces and I give her the new kits that have been returned. After Nadine left I mixed a batch of epoxy resin to do the final layer on a Christmas Cremation Ashes Ornament (our Christmas deadline is at the end of October this year, more info here).

I remembered a bit late to put Sebastian into after school club but I rang them up and managed to squeeze him on. Avoiding the rush of parents at the school gates is a daily goal! Ayla has yoga on a Monday at school so it was nice to have that extra hour to photograph the weekend’s completed orders. That evening I exported all the shipping info to my Royal Mail business account and once I had the labels I added the tracking info to clients’ orders (even before posting them the next day).

Azaria, my mumpreneur friend who helps me out with my Instagram posts etc, is taking a little time off so I spent the day on the laptop doing my usual image cropping and also scheduling some social media posts. It’s time consuming but I can sit on the sofa with Red Dwarf on, an obligatory curry for lunch, and the computer mouse working overtime.

My Week Making Cremation Ashes Jewellery
photographing a cremation ashes ring

After cookery club at school for the kids I then a hairdresser appointment and was ready for date night with hubby. Mum came over from Monmouth, Wales to babysit and we had Mexican and went to the cinema!

Hakun and I on date night
Hakun and I on date night

On Wednesday I had a few more pieces ready from Nadine so I checked the emails to make sure everyone had approved the photos she’d sent. We always try to send a “proof picture” of your cremation ashes jewellery and lock of hair pieces to make sure they’re just right before setting. I had a few more rings to finish off so I got them all finished and polished before setting them.

About once a month I’ll send off a batch of rings, washers and necklace pendants for engraving. We have a little spreadsheet that orders go onto once we know your ring size so it all went off together in a batch. Then I catalogued the latest moulds I’ve made into stock over at where I make moulds for other keepsake and cremation ashes jewellery artists

30mm cabochon mould duo for making cremation ashes jewellery
30mm cabochon mould duo for making cremation ashes jewellery

Thursday was interesting because I photographed all the finished Christmas ornaments and secured the solid silver settings. I had a really good tidy up of the studio and made sure it was all looking neat. We’re so caught up with orders we’ve only got a handful of pieces to make at any one time so I spent a bit of the day checking through emails, LiveChat, Instagram and Facebook. Had a catch up with Joanna, our admin manager, and did a bit of sorting out in the kids’ bedroom.

I love working from home where it’s easy to pop on dinner in the afternoon, the slow cooker is wonderful for a smokey chilli that I can serve later with rice and carrot sticks. I love this video from Honeysuckle on YouTube and the main difference with mine is the veg I use is whatever’s going cheap at the greengrocer in the village up the road! Oh and I add extra liquid smoke (click here) from Amazon especially this time of year

With almost every piece of cremation ashes jewellery we have now finished, I’ve been ordering some new settings and I’m starting to think about making some special moulds. If there’s anything you’d like to see with our cremation ashes jewellery, like the limited edition split-ring marquise setting or the little hearts for dangle charms and rings then please pop me a message

marquise lock of hair ring aegean blue sparkle mix and lock of white hair, split band shank and serrated bezel cup, 10x20mm marquise cabochon, handmade by Tree of Opals
Limited edition marquise cremation ashes ring

I love working with metal so I get really excited when I pick up someone’s returned kit from the PO box and they’ve sent back a ring sizer with their size. That means that evening I get to go and sit in the studio, watching horror films and burning things – a teenage pyromaniac at heart! I’m really grateful to my gorgeous Viking on those nights for crowbarring the kids into PJ’s and getting them to bed (even if it’s a bit later than I’d usually send them). Making cremation ashes jewellery isn’t a 9-5 job and I’m happy to get phone calls at unusual times of the day and weekends, even if it’s not trying to sell me broadband… I might take a few hours in the day to keep up with the laundry, but make up for it.

Saturday was a day for family and we did a B&Q trip for materials for The Viking’s shed. He and Bastian go down there to bang bits of wood together and Ayla and I do lots of reading before we do baking and art. Apart from being on the LiveChat where possible, I take it easy for the day.

The battery on my iPad keeps disappearing so I’ve bought an Echo Dot to listen to whilst I’m working next week. It can get a bit lonely at times working from home by yourself and I find having something on in the background gives me a bit of company.

Making Cremation Ashes Jewellery

If you’d like to enquire about purchasing a piece of cremation ashes jewellery please get in touch here. To learn more about making the pieces and you’d like to try it for yourself, you can purchase the moulds and see our blog over at Keepsaker Supplies – Making Cremation Ashes Jewellery(click here)

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