Luxury Gift Ideas for Your Groom

Finding the right gift for the man you’re marrying can be tough so I’ve put together a list of luxury gift ideas for your groom. The Viking and I have been happily married over five years now but I still remember trying to think what he’d like and chose some engraved glasses and a surprise honeymoon (I was heavily pregnant with Ayla, no shotguns necessary I promise). As I start to think of how much I’d like to renew our vows eventually, I’ve been wondering what kinds of things he’d like now. I was Best Woman at my best friend Tommy’s civil partnership a decade ago as well and remember what a handsome groom he was and how priviliged I felt to be there for him that day. So I’ve made this list of luxury gift ideas for your groom with my favourite men in mind and hope it gives you inspiration.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your bride or spouse then this list might help you if they like the gender neutral or masculine pieces, but if you want something a bit more femme then please follow this blog and keep an eye out for our bridal blog! Here’s our blog with Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Mum and our Memorial Gift Ideas blog.

Luxury Gift Ideas for Your Groom

1. Etsy UK from Etsy seller Our Vintage Boutique
vintage pocket watch

2. Memorial cufflinks from Tree of Opals including sterling silver and solid 14ct gold settings. We can include your groom’s mementos within the resin “stone” including human or pet cremation ashes, locks of hair or fur. This is a popular way for grooms to have their parents at the alter when they’ve passed away. Or we can include their little one’s first curl in the cufflinks.

solid 14ct gold cremation cufflinks with aegean blue and October birthstone opal
solid 14ct gold cremation cufflinks with aegean blue and October birthstone opal

3. Mr. Mrs. Wedding Champagne Flutes with a tall, slender shape which keeps the bubbles alive for longer, enhancing your experience of the champagne or sparkling wine.
groom gift ideas

4. SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in white and rose gold by Bose.

man with heaphones groom gift idea

5. This rare Edwardian Gentleman’s Grooming Set from Collect & Enjoy on Etsy for a gent who appreciates the history of his every day items

6. Honeymoon Necktie, Bow Tie and Pocket Square ‘Hunter Green’ Trio Set by Poser

7. A solid sterling silver ring band with both of your fingerprints laser etched around the outside. We’ll send you a kit with an inkless wipe to take the prints which you can photograph or scan and email to us.
fingerprint engraving service on a ring

8. These super cute custom groom cake toppers which are handmade out of non-toxic FIMO

luxury gift ideas for your groom
luxury gift ideas for your groom

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