Rainbow Cremation Charms

Rainbow cremation charms from Tree of Opals are a very special kind of memorial jewellery. Clients send us just a tiny bit of ash in a kit we send after they place an order. The kits have an order number and their name to ensure they’re not mixed up with anyone else’s and you can include two different people’s ashes (or pets) or even add a lock of hair to the charm bead.

The 5* rated rainbow cremation charms have a solid core made out of sterling silver that’s flared into place inside the charm after we check you like the colour. These cores won’t fall off, like the kind that are glued in, and they’re marked with Tree of Opals brand to show our pride in making them. We offer sets of two charm beads (duo), three charms (trio) or four and more cremation charms.

cremation ash and daffodil flower charm bead, daffodil petals with yellow shimmer powder subtle. Solid sterling silver signature Tree of Opals core
daffodil petal cremation charm bead and solid sterling silver signature Tree of Opals core

Some people like to put these cremation charms on a Pandora bracelet to remind them of a loved one every day, but other clients wear them on a necklace. Our most popular accessory is the engraved washer. We have a list with some examples of memorial quotes here which we can add.

Making Rainbow Cremation Charms

Making cremation ash and memorial jewellery isn’t too difficult but it takes a lot of practice. We have some blogs on making keepsake jewellery if you’re a jeweller and you can invest in the additional supplies. For a professional finish though and good quality settings please have a look at our jewellery. We give special discounts for a family order or funeral home so please email enquiries@treeofopals.com or fill in the Contact Us form one any of our products.

rainbow cremation charms from Tree of Opals memorial jewellery
rainbow cremation charms from Tree of Opals memorial jewellery

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any ideas for memorial quotes. You can sign up to this blog in the box below to get an email when there’s a new post and please say if you’ve got any requests.

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