Pets and Fireworks

Keeping Your Pets Safe

The RSPCA fireworks page has lots of info on pets and fireworks displays including how to keep your pets safe this bonfire night. They’ve put up this helpful video we want to help promote in honour of all the cats, dogs and horses we have been honoured with making pet memorial jewellery from.

Pets and Fireworks Alternative Ideas

You can even buy music to calm your dogs and even homeopathic remedies! I’m not sure how well alternative remedies work with pets and fireworks but it can’t hurt to try. Lots of people use essential oils successfully with dogs, who are quick to tell you what they do and don’t like. Our puppy, Loki, is quite keen on lemon essential oil which I mix with water and spray to keep the house smelling nice.

Let me know below if you have any tips on making a safe space for your pets at home.

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advice on pets and fireworks this bonfire night from Tree of Opals, landscape image advert
advice on pets and fireworks this bonfire night from Tree of Opals

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