Mystery Ashes Into Jewellery

Mystery Ashes Into Jewellery is something special I offer to clients who want a surprise or they have a smaller budget. I started Tree of Opals in 2015 and decided to add a Mystery Piece option to give me chance to try out new designs and surprise people.

When I opened my second business, Keepsaker Supplies, in 2016 it was to teach others to make keepsakes and ashes into jewellery themselves. I like to have photos of all the settings I sell there made up as real jewellery – its more genuine and I love it even more if it’s real clients’ cremation ashes. I do sometimes use my cat Husky’s ashes to make my YouTube videos and some sample pieces, but then the setting is sometimes wasted.

So it makes my day when a Tree of Opals client orders a mystery piece. I can use the ashes they sent in to make a piece with a new design and I don’t have to worry if it works out or not. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll make them something else as well and they can keep both. Sometimes adding a mystery piece to your order can even mean I make it sooner if I need a photo or video of making the piece quickly!

Mystery Ashes Into Jewellery

Here are some pieces that I’ve made as mystery pieces with ashes in the past

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Mystery Ashes Into Jewellery – if you’d like one, just write what you’d like in the comments on the mystery piece product here. Some people don’t mind what kind of piece they have, so long as it’s the right colour (maybe pinks and purples) or they ask for a ring size __ and they don’t mind the colour. You can tell me if you’ve seen a piece you really like and I might be able to replicate the style in another piece or you can leave it totally up to me. 

Hope you enjoy looking through the pieces I’ve made over the years and please get in touch if you have any questions about sending in the ashes.

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