silver ashes rings

Silver ashes rings with your loved one’s ashes made specially for you. Handmade with love and care by our artists, our silver rings are made Nikki from scratch. We use solid 925 sterling and tarnish resistant 935 or 940 Argentium silver.

You can add a resin colour sparkle mix. Ashes rings can be engraved with a memorial quote or you can accompany them with an engravable stacking ring. You can add their name and special dates and we can even add special characters like hearts and stars. You can also add handwriting and image engraving to our rings, such as fingerprints and handprints.

You can choose from our VIP add-ons such as precious metal leaf or a rough natural birthstone such as opal slices.

Argentium silver is 935 or 940 purity and is slightly better quality than sterling silver, meaning it doesn’t tarnish so easily.

We will send you a kit after you order for you to post back your loved one’s ashes. We only need a small pinch or at most, half a teaspoon for large family orders.

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