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Breastmilk Charm

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Just your breastmilk cast in resin to form a slim donut charm bead with a Sterling silver Tree of Opals core. Optional extras like shimmer, first curl, birthstones, Boobie Awards or other "Precious Sparkles" like rose gold leaf

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The sentimental among us will have fond memories of carefully placing ticket stubs from going to the pictures with our childhood sweethearts into little boxes, of cherishing handkerchiefs and letters from our grandparents, of saving the lace from our wedding day and maybe the flowers from Valentine’s. Parents might still have their baby’s scan photos, an umbilical cord stump still attached to that little clip or the bobble off their first hat, a first curl or milk tooth – and breastfeeding is a rewarding struggle that should be celebrated. Those of us who lose a loved one or a pet might stare at their brush wondering how to keep those precious last hairs or pieces of fur and if our loved ones were cremated we might still have their ashes.

All of the pieces at Tree of Opals are made with love and understanding by artists who have had their own memories and special days and grief. We help protect those tangible bits of our lives by encasing them in crystal-clear resin and set in solid silver or gold. Sometimes we add a piece of real precious rough gemstones or some platinum or white gold leaf to our clients’ elements and we always look after the items in our care. Please see our FAQ’s and message us at treeofopals@gmail.som if you have any questions or place an order on the website and read the Sending Elements Instructions. Orders take up to 12 weeks currently while our new artists are learning.

Love Nicola & The Team

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