breastmilk jewellery

Breastmilk jewellery to celebrate your nursing journey and keep a tiny part of your little one close to you. We combine your preserved breastmilk with resin or glass which is set in solid sterling silver or hallmarked solid gold. You can even add their first curl, birthstone and choice of sparkles and subtle colour.

Here is our famous breastmilk jewellery boobie awards page if you want to mark the length of your breastfeeding journey or help you triumph after nursing through adversity.

We will send you a kit with two little tubes and you post back just 15ml (half an ounce) of your milk, even if it’s been frozen for years. Our bespoke keepsakes are truly worth the wait whether you’re looking for a charm for your bracelet, a necklace or an engraved ring and you can combine your piece with a laser engraved accessory.

Love Always
Nikki & The Team

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