Umbilical Cord Pearl


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Natural birthstones

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colours and additional elements

Add your notes below for resin colours and sparkles, precious metal leaf, flakes, shimmers etc. For inspiration see the Colours page above

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Umbilical Cord Pearl

Umbilical cord stump or dried placenta jewellery. Our babies gain their independence so quickly starting from when the umbilical cord is cut separating them from your shared placenta. We will cast a tiny bit of your baby’s cord stump or dried placenta into a Umbilical Cord Pearl encased in crystal clear resin. Add an additional element like a lock of hair, flowers or a piece of fabric too if you like.

Sending Elements
We’ll send you a kit a week or so after you order to post in a little of your baby’s cord stump or placenta capsule and any Additional Elements, and here’s some advice on sending. It’s really important you keep some back just in case please and we only need a tiny amount.

Colours and Sparkles
We can add an infinite choice of colours and shimmers to the cord or placenta dust, just click the link for examples of pieces with colour, shimmer, glitter, opalescent flakes and pearlescent powders. You’ll see examples of umbilical cord and cremation ash pieces we’ve made for clients in the past and we’re always happy to help with creative suggestions. It might seem strange to look at cremation ash pieces but the end results are quite similar and you might find inspiration from the love we’ve put into those pieces.

Precious Stones
We can add your baby’s birthstone to a Umbilical Cord Pearl as a rough precious stone, just choose it from the drop down menu. Our rough precious stone page gives examples of pieces we have made for clients in the past and in that page you’ll find links to each individual birthstone’s gallery.

Tree of Opals Natural Birthstone Chart
Tree of Opals Natural Birthstone Chart (click for more details)

For more information and examples on each of these natural birthstones please click the links below

January – red garnet
February – amethyst
March – aquamarine
April – diamond
May – emerald
June – moonstone
July – ruby
August- peridot
September – sapphire
October – opal
November- yellow topaz
December – blue topaz

*tw baby loss* If you are looking for a loss piece for a baby or child then please email Nic on with the subject line “Pro Bono”, who will try to reply straight away. We have a small fund available for these pieces and some instructions on our Pro Bono Baby Loss page on how to save hair and umbilical cord if your baby is to be born sleeping.

Umbilical Cord Pearl

Silver Pearl Findings
This listing is for a single “pearl” sphere which now comes as an 11mm pearl with a sterling silver hand wire wrapped bail, made from 0.7mm wire. Please put a note on the checkout page if you’d prefer a different size pearl (6-14mm).

pearl sizing guide, 9mm pearl compared to an 11mm pearl
pearl sizing guide, 9mm pearl compared to an 11mm pearl

The necklace option includes a fine weight sterling silver chain. You can upgrade to a different length, style or weight chain here
chain comparison by weight and style Tree of Opals
You can even choose a special phrase or date for a round stamped washer for pearlin round or heart shape

Stamped heart washer and lock of hair pearl memorial keepsake necklace
Stamped heart washer and lock of hair pearl memorial keepsake necklace

Dangle Charm
You can choose a charm bead setting for European (Pandora style) or lobster claw (Thomas Sabo style) large link bracelets and necklaces. You’ll find our charm bead upgrades here including stamped charm washers and bracelets.

Check out our FAQ page if you have any concerns/questions or contact our admin team here

Additional information

precious stone

none, red garnet (January), amethyst (February), aquamarine (March), snow diamond (April), emerald (May), moonstone (June), ruby (July), peridot (August), sapphire (September), opal (October), yellow topaz (November), blue topaz (December), pink diamond, blue diamond


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