Secret VIP Add-Ons

£0£40 inc. Vat

A few little add-ons for our VIP’s and legacy clients. Menu options you might not find elsewhere on the website, extra boobie award add-ons, special metalsmithing techniques and more. Scroll right down to see more info about these free add-ons

£0 inc. Vat
Select options£15 inc. Vat
Select options£15 inc. Vat
Select options£0 inc. Vat
Select options£25 inc. Vat
Select options £40 inc. Vat
£0 inc. Vat
Select options£12£75 inc. Vat


You can add each of these little extras to your order to enhance the personalisation of your pieces. If you’d only like the effect (such as antique effect silver) added to a single piece and not the whole order, don’t use this option (just add some notes to the specific piece you’d like it on). You can click on individual add-on freebies and paid extras to find out more details and we’re adding more options all the time.


Some options aren’t compatible with a product but please don’t worry, we’ll let you know what we can and can’t do if there’s a conflict. Sometimes we won’t be able to fulfil these extras and will need to cancel them but we’ll try our best to make it happen and ensure your keepsake and memorial jewellery is as perfect as you pictured. 


Please note, the majority of our items are handmade and there’s more info in our T’s and C’s which you MUST READ PROPERLY BEFORE ORDERING! If you’d like a listing added here that you can’t see then just let us know
Nikki & The Team x


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