Media Enquiries
Please feel free to use any watermarked images without alteration but for print quality high resolution cutouts we can share on request. Recent stories we’ve been featured in include What can you do with an umbilical cord? By Cherry Wilson who called me in the morning and posted her lovely piece in the afternoon.  Cherry’s piece caught the attention of ITV’s This Morning producers and the next day owner Nic Kamminga was on national TV talking to Holly Willoughby and childhood crush Phillip Schofield.

We’ve been featured in Cosmo, The Daily Mail,

SEO, hosting and web development services aren’t needed (my husband is a very talented developer and taught me how to make my first recipe blog back in 2011) but I will always consider relevant advertising opportunities.

If you’re a vlogger/blogger and would like to review a piece please email me directly with links and stats, but don’t worry if you’re new to it; I won’t turn you down just because you don’t have a huge following yet. We all have to start somewhere and if I love what you’ve done so far then I might want to support your passion for making videos or writing. Also, we always need more guest posts so if you have a story to share and want to learn how to get it found on Google then we can collaborate.

Breastmilk and keepsake jeweller newbies I’m really sorry but I can’t take on any more mentees right now and I hate to disappoint you. My best advice is to log EVERYTHING you do, keep samples and don’t sell anything until you’ve had a stable piece for at least six months. If you want to learn about yellowing breastmilk jewellery then click here, or here if you want to learn more about my day to day business.

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