Colour Options

Every memorial piece we make is completely individual and to make it easier to decide, we have some new colour options. They work beautifully with cremation ashes in jewellery and lock of hair keepsakes. You can combine them with your loved one’s birthstone. Click on each title to see the full gallery.

The photos on our website are a portfolio of work we’ve done for clients over the past few years, and a few mockups. Here is some inspiration. These colour blends are made up of opalescent flakes, coloured shimmers and pearlescent powders. We use ethically produced mica and plant-based glitters where possible.

unicorn white (or birthstone colour for April, June and October)

fairy pink

orchid purple (or birthstone colour for February)

aegean blue (or birthstone colour for September)

mermaid teal (or birthstone colour for December)

angelic aqua (or birthstone colour for March)

basilisk green (or birthstone colour for May and August)

chimera yellow (or birthstone colour for November)

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tangerine orange

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dragon’s blood red (or birthstone colour for January and July)

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vampire black

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