You’re in the right place for discounts galore on our keepsake and memorial jewellery. A little extra sparkle, freebies and money off coupons and vouchers! Please remember that codes can’t be stacked, eg. you can’t apply more than one to an order, and are subject to owner’s discretion. Please contact us here if you have any questions and don’t forget to read our product descriptions, FAQ’s and T’s and C’s in full before ordering.

Google Reviews and Product Reviews

£10 store credit for a review (we can’t offer store credit for Google reviews sadly but please let us know if you’ve posted one), and £10 store credit for each product review excluding the Mystery Piece. Only one credit per product, for example, if you received two cremation ashes rings and leave two reviews, we can only give £10 store credit. Customer pays postage, all usual terms and conditions apply.

Family Order Discounts

If you’d like a larger order for your family to share then please see our Family Orders page for a gallery of pieces we’ve made then get in touch to discuss your requirements. The discount will depend on your order size, elements and VIP additions involved and we can invoice individual family members if you prefer. Not stackable and cannot be applied to existing orders, coupons will have an expiry date so please apply when you’re ready to order.

NHS, Civil Servant and Volunteer Discount

If you can show us you are an NHS worker, civil servant such as police officer or a volunteer then you will be eligible for a 10% discount on some items. Cannot be stacked with other coupons.

Disabled Discount

If you have a blue badge please send us a picture and cover the information apart from your name and photo for a 10% discount. Cannot be stacked with other coupons.

Love Your Cervix #SpeculumSelfie

Just post your speculum selfie with the hashtags #speculumselfie and #treeofopals and tag us on @tree_of_opals and DM us for a 10% off storewide code. We’re listed on the Love Your Cervix Facebook page along with lots of other makers who will give you discount. Cannot be stacked with other coupons.

All terms and conditions of sale and delivery still apply and codes can’t be stacked unless specified.