All of our memorial rings are handmade in the UK. We offer Sterling silver, 9ct, 14ct and 18ct yellow and red gold and other metals by special order. We can make any size from a UK size D to a size Z+++ and beyond and are happy to do special designs. Our standard bezels are 6mm round and 10x8mm oval cups that we fix your cabochon into – the cabochon is the “stone” with your elements. If you’d prefer a nice big round cabochon just get in touch first.

Some of our rings now have different options of encasing – that just means what we encase your elements in. Traditionally we’ve used resin which is a crystal clear plastic that gives us masses of variety. We can add any colours, shimmers, birthstones to resin in any combination. Then there are the precious metal clay options, Sterling silver or copper clay. They are the strongest option and you won’t see your elements but can be safe in the knowledge they are there. Fused glass cabochons are our latest option and are going to be available in a variety of colours. You won’t see your elements in these, rather the effect they leave as they are burnt such as air bubbles and ash particles.

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