Vermeil Gold Plating

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Vermeil Gold Plating for silver memorial jewellery to make your piece vermeil, which is gold plated solid silver


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Vermeil Gold Plating addition to any solid silver jewellery item. We can plate in 24ct rose gold, 24ct yellow gold, platinum or rhodium (white gold effect). Please note this adds a month to the turnover time of your jewellery, please purchase one per item but we can offer discounts on multiple items. Gold plating is done to USA vermeil standards by a highly trusted partner and is a 2.5 micron thickness.

Please remember you may need to have the piece replated every few years depending on use, so we recommend this for our scalloped settings such as the heart ring and heart dangle charms and necklaces. You are welcome to have any of our ring bands gold plated but you may struggle to find someone who will re-plate the piece on these as the cabochons (stones) are not removable due to the rubover setting.

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24ct yellow gold, 24ct rose gold, platinum, rhodium