Marquise Cremation Ring


Marquise Cremation Ring, a custom sterling silver memorial ring design from Tree of Opals for ashes from people and pets. Scroll down for the full product listing.

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Marquise Cremation Ring in solid sterling silver
When we lose a person we love, or a pet who has been our companion through thick and thin, we might want a physical way to keep them close. If they were cremated we can help you keep a tiny part of their ashes safe and always with you in a _ encased in crystal clear resin. Add an additional element like a lock of hair or petals too if you like. We offer special prices for Family Orders if you’re looking for several pieces.

We will respectfully cast your loved one’s remains into a marquise cremation ring. We use only the ash provided in all of our memorial creations unless you ask otherwise. If you’d like to read more about the cremation process and watch a tasteful video please click here (please note that the video shows the deceased and may be triggering for some).

These are examples of the natural variations in cremation ash colour. We can try to mask the colour but every piece is unique and depends on the ash you send us
These are examples of the natural variations in cremation ash colour. Every piece is unique and depends on the ash you send us

adding hair
You can add a lock of hair or petals as an additional element to any of our cremation ash memorial pieces, just write what you’d like in the box above.

cremation ash sending kits
We’ll send you a kit a week or so after you order and here’s some advice on sending it in, please read it. It’s really important you keep some ash back and don’t send too much. “Less is more” with cremation ash jewellery.

Marquise Cremation Ring

Handmade Silver Ring Setting
Handmade sterling silver custom ring setting with split band and marquise bezel cup 10x20mm

This Marquise Lock of Hair Ring is available laser engraved with small text only.

Check out our FAQ page if you have any concerns/questions or contact our admins here

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ash colours

classic ash, unicorn white, fairy pink, dragon's blood, tangerine, basilisk green, aegean blue, mermaid teal, orchid purple


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sterling silver


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