Gold Engraved Necklaces


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On its own this item will be ready in a few weeks or will be sent with your memorial jewellery.

gold necklace shape
domed disc

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laser engraving

We can engrave text like letters, numbers, birth coordinates and Roman numerals. Or you can choose to send us fingerprints, special fonts and other special images. Please ask for more info




Engraved Necklace

Laser Engraved Text and Dates

Add your text, up to 60 characters – upper and lower case, numbers and punctuation in your chosen font, swashes and basic symbols like hearts. Perhaps you can choose Roman numerals, birth, marriage or death coordinates, or messages of love and remembrance. Here are some you can copy and paste as well.

! ❤ ✓ ☀ ★ ∞ ♫

extras for laser engraving
extras for laser engraving

Let us know if you have a favourite font type or you can choose one here and we will try to match it, or we will choose something simple and elegant for you. We have a few premium fonts (coming soon).

Laser Engraved Photos and Scan Photos

Add your loved one’s photo or baby scan to any of our stamped pieces, this is ideal for round and heart shape necklaces. We offer recessed braille and are happy to help translate (British braille). You can choose this option if you already have a photo of handprints, otherwise please choose the option below.

Gold Engraved Necklace Settings

Solid Carat Gold Blanks
All of our blanks are 9ct gold or 14ct gold, depending on your choice. They will be hallmarked if over 1g. When you choose the necklace type the information about carat, thickness (gauge), dimensions, weight and hallmark will appear below.

Carat: _ct
Thickness : _ga
Dimensions : _x_mm
Weight : _g (hallmarked/unhallmarked)

Please check out our FAQ page before ordering

Additional information

gold necklace shape

disc, domed disc, fan, festoon, heart, rectangle, star, washer


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