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silver clay bead
When we lose a person we love, or a pet who has been our companion through thick and thin, we might want a physical way to keep them close. You can send us a small amount of their ashes or hair to be encased in sterling silver precious metal clay. You’ll no longer see them, you’ll see the effect they had on the clay in the kiln as small imperfections and sometimes we can press their texture into the clay as well.

Your silver clay bead will be around 96% pure silver, which is much higher than sterling silver (92.5%).

cremation ash and hair sending kits
We’ll send you a kit a week or so after you order and here’s some advice on sending it in, please read it. It’s really important you keep some ash back and don’t send too much. “Less is more” with silver clay memorial jewellery.

Metal Colours
We can add an antique effect to metal clay, leave it its natural colour, or bring the pure silver to the surface again with a special technique to give a soft satin white appearance. We also have various colours of cold enamel which can add a hint of colour to the recesses – please just ask.

Silver Clay Charm

European Keepsake Charm Findings
All of our European charm beads come with solid silver Tree of Opals branded cores that fit nicely on Pandora and Trollbead bracelets as part of your collection. Our charm insert hole size is around 4.5mm. For an interesting history on European charm beads have a look at this Wikipedia page.

This listing is just for the charm bead itself and you can add a Bead Washer or a Silver Bracelet here.

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