How to Make Breastmilk Jewellery (Part 1)

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34 thoughts on “How to Make Breastmilk Jewellery (Part 1)

  1. I’ve messaged with you before. I e wanted to make breastmilk jewelry for a while now. I’ve experimented for a little less than a year. I couldn’t figure it out and couldn’t find anyone willing to share much. So, I gave up. I’m making other jewelry now, mom’s necklaces and the like. I would still love to learn how to make breastmilk jewelry. I have the jewelry part of the equation down since I’ve been a jeweler for 17 years now.

    1. Hi Jonathan we really don’t recommend the process to individuals looking to DIY. You’d need to spend a lot on equipment and it might not work the first time. You can buy DIY kits out there or trust an experienced breastmilk jeweller

  2. Hello! I’m anxious about part 2. I already bought a breastmilk jewelry, but I want to do it to gift mothers who can not buy like me. I’m from Brazil, sorry for my English.

  3. Hi Nic! hope all is well. I live in Central America, Honduras but apparently i can’t get delivered the Axson D150 Rigid nor to the US or CA. Is there an equivalent / equal product to the Axson D150 that can work in the same way? thank you! Great posts by the way. Great to have people that still think this way.

    1. Thanks Johnny, I’m not really sure about the US etc but I would experiment with a few brands of clear casting epoxy to find ones you like. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Are you starting a business making jewellery?

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