How To Send Breastmilk

After you place your order you’ll need to know how to send breastmilk. Check your emails for the order confirmation, if you don’t have it in your inbox or junkmail you’ll need to whitelist or (see instructions here). We can resend the confirmation email! We will see your order is for breastmilk jewellery and change the status from Processing to To Send Breastmilk Kit.
March 2018 Update – as well as our revised Terms and Conditions we have a Delivery Policy here. It’s still important to check your elements below as well as following the instructions in your kit.

We usually ask that you send around 15ml (half an oz) because having suffered chronic low supply herself, Nikki knows it’s not always easy to express especially when our little ones grow. We can take much less than but we ask you to aim for two 6ml tubes.

Having used both formula and donor milk with her children, owner Nikki is happy to include these on request, but it’s never “necessary” so long as you have some frozen milk or you can still manage a few drops.

Instructions for expressing a small amount

1. have a really garlicky meal the night before, and a big bowl of porridge before bed
2. have porridge for breakfast then have a bath or shower. While the warm water relaxes you start to massage your milk ducts then hand express a little. The idea here isn’t to express milk, it’s to get your breasts to produce some milk later.
3. that afternoon have some fennel tea or even stinging nettle tea if you’re on a budget (make sure they don’t have cat wee on though hehe)
4. start to try to hand express into the tubes. You’ll probably only get a few drops but it’s a start. One bead of colostrum is a start. put that bottle in the freezer upright.
5. that evening take out the bottle and express a few drops again, massaging the milk ducts downwards each time as you do. repeat the next day and you should find 3ml no problem.

We’re usually on hand on Facebook PM or email if you have any questions. Here are some galactagogue ideas to give yourself a boost! If you’re really struggling please email Nikki on and don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

4 thoughts on “How To Send Breastmilk

  1. Hi Nikki,

    I’ve been in touch with you on Facebook – I’m really interested in your breastmilk bracelet beads but I believe you have a waiting list, firstly how long is your waiting list and secondly how can I go on the list?

    I would like to order 2 x breasmilk bracelet beads, a first curl bead and an umbi bead but would like to order them all at the same time.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks and regards,
    Siobhan Barr (Duggan on Facebook)

    1. Hi Chantel it’s hard to say at the moment, the current estimated lead time is around three months (max six months) but we have cleared a lot of orders this week so it might be five weeks
      Nic x
      Owner & Artist

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